G40 Delta 1st Edition

  • OK, so I’ve been noticing a few underlining trends with Delta. One being the Axis domination as they easily won in all 5 of our play test games, and now in KNPs first. Mind you we didn’t play any of those games with the single UK income or Commonwealth nation, and I was hoping for more balanced results in KNPs first game. Now we must remember that in all our play test games, not all group players are going to implement the strategies we (as rule designers) think they should. With all that being said, I think the data gathered with the Axis powers winning in our games should be scrapped, and a new phase of play testing should begin with the insertion of the single income and Commonwealth. Looking at KNPs game, I would like to know what circumstances were involved that allowed Germany to pull off a successful sealion. Was the UK income poorly spent? Was the German strategy to precise? Were the dice gods unfair?. I can see how London falling would seriously hurt India and the Pacific side, but knp’s Radar adjustment as well as $38 to defend England should have been enough to scare off Germany (especially when I hear that the Commonwealth was spending the majority of their money in Europe). I had many of the same problems playing Delta in our group, it’s almost as if they play careless because the whole experience feels so experimental.

    I think it’s time to go back to the drawing board and get some things right. Obviously I designed the card deck in artscow to soon and I have since taken down the link. For those that bought their’s like KNP, its good to have it if you are willing to help me revise the rules with more play testing. Here was the problem… knp mentioned house ruling a Commonwealth into Delta, and I really wanted those ideas in Delta officially. Of course this development came after the cards were made, and before Halifax Rules got fleshed out. I really didn’t want to pass up something like a Commonwealth because it would have made Delta a dinosaur before it even hit the ground. Therefore we must go back to the drawing board, put Delta under construction, merge Halifax in properly, and redesign the effected cards. I don’t want to call this 2nd edition Delta, so I’m calling this endeavor Delta +1.5

    So what are the issues?.. 1. The UK Strategic Avantages need to be edited or redesigned, knp had mentioned something in his game where they automatically gave the UK Radar… not sure how that works, but we should look into it (I had changed the SA order and put the UK in the third round, so they could pick Radar before a possible sealion attempt). Also, we need to figure out what to do about the SA Commonwealth Aid, do we reword it, or replace it altogether? and with the new production units, what should be done with the War Time Production advantage? The Strategic Objectives for the UK and ANZAC need to be revamped in order to consider the new UK economy, and the new Commonwealth nation. Not sure what other rules if any are effected in Delta by including the Halifax rules.

    Anyways, I’m gonna be creating some sheets that players can use to help design the changes. Basically a chart that would make it easy for someone to record valuable information throughout a Delta play test game. Like what strategic advantages were chosen by each nation, when did nations gain their strategic objectives, and when did they lose them. hopefully we can find some trends that are making the Axis win so much, weather it be game mechanics or human error… nevertheless, I find some players uninterested in the win when playing Delta, not sure if that’s fixable though. Right now I’ve got a full plate over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to the FMGC on the 5th, 6th, and 7th so I’m playing 3 games in 3 days… I have decided not to play Delta that weekend because I don’t want my club members to pay $40 to go there and play a house rule set that is flawed. Instead I will be playing Halifax Rules all weekend, with the determination to come back to Delta and fix it through the 1.5 project. This is a massive project, but I honestly think that it’s worth designing properly so that other may enjoy it in the future.


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    Regarding Delta G40 and Halifax Rules:
    It did occur to me when we started this game that Delta and Halifax were not really compatible. The main thing is the Round 3 UK choice for Delta. If you are using Halifax rules, then there is no real choice for the UK on round 3. You have to give them Radar. “Commonwealth Aid” in a game where you have the Commonwealth as a separate playable power makes no sense for the UK. So, the result is no real choice for the UK on round 3.
    One possible idea is to let the UK produce non-infantry units in Commonwealth factories for 1 IPC cheaper. Then the UK would have to worry about getting those units to the front, but that could be a workable plan.
    With this in mind, Was the G40 Delta intended for use with a separated UK economy (UK London, UK Pacific)? OR with a combined UK economy, in which case UK would be making 45 IPCs per round. While most people don’t seem to mind eliminating the UK Pacific, they also don’t care to make the UK quite so powerful.
    Young Grasshopper – we need your input on this. Single or split UK economy.

    I think if you want to make G40 Delta available to both Global 40 OOB play and Halifax Rules play, you are going to have to design two different sets of Strategic Advantages (SA), Strategic Objectives (SO) and Progressive Advantages (PO).
    One set would be like you already have for OOB play for the UK economy (split or combined, I think either will work) and ANZAC by themselves.
    The second set would be for Halifax Rules play with special SAs, SOs and POs for the CW and new ones for the UK.
    As near as I can tell, all the other nations SAs, SOs, and POs should be okay with either set, so no changes should be necessary there.

    One thing I wanted to note for the Italian Progressive Advantage: Self-Propelled Artillery.
    I think this one is simply named wrong. The Advantage states that each Italian artillery unit may now support 2 infantry and/or mechanized infantry units. This is basically the “Advanced Artillery” tech development.
    The term “Self-Propelled Artillery” infers a movement advantage which is not included in the advantage. I think you should make one of the following changes for the future 2nd edition:
    ONE = Change the name to “Advanced Artillery” and leave the advantage results as is.
    TWO = Change the advantage results to allow Italian Artillery units to move 2 spaces. This could be in place of or in addition to the existing advantage. It just depends on how powerful you want to make this advantage.

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    I got these cards today and all can say this is a totally high quality product. The cards are formatted perfectly.

    Only issue i have is the roundels are not perfectly round– more oval shaped. The pictures and colors are fantastic.

    I hope Hopper makes a second set.

    Containing OOB tech cards, neutral cards, more special cards, etc.

  • KNP,

    It is my preference to include all aspects of Halifax into Delta, and modify the necessary Strategic Advantages and Progressive Advantages accordingly.


    It is my goal to make an artscow deck with all G40 national objectives, including the 2 Alpha NOs that were dropped before 2nd Edition, the 2 NOs needed to play Halifax rules, and 3 sets of 12 tech cards from the G40 global R&D phase.

    Gonna be held up for a couple of weeks due to the upcoming FMGC, but I’m hoping to start work on Delta 1.5 and the NO deck shortly after the convention.

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    Okay YG, I am going to try and point out some of the points in our game that may affect either G40 Delta, Halifax or both. I will also try to cover what I think are the reasons for the overwhelming Axis victory. First the country that is most affected by the new rules:
    UNITED KINGDOM : As stated before, G40 Delta and Halifax are not entirely compatible. On the round 3 UK choice, we basically gave UK “Radar” and the Commonwealth (CW) “Commonwealth Aid” which basically amounted to the CW getting 1 IPC cheaper non-infantry units for the rest of the game.
    I think the UK, getting 35 IPCs per round plus objectives, did get a little over confident.
    ALL COUNTRIES ROUND 1 : Using Delta, Germany, Italy and France chose Airborne Assault Troops.
    Russia, Japan, USA, UK and CW chose Wartime Production.
    GERMANY ROUND 1 : I am not covering the land attacks as those are fairly standard and don’t really effect what happened with the UK. I will list the sea battles, what Germany moved, the results and German losses. Germany purchased 1 carrier, 1 destroyer, 1 sub.
    Sea Zone 111 : 1 sub SZ 124, 1 BB SZ 113, 1 ftr Norway, 1 Stuka W Germany, 1 Bomber Germany. UK NO scramble. All UK ships sunk. Ger lost sub and BB. Bomber returns to W Germany, ftr and tac to SZ 112 to land on carrier.
    Sea Zone 110 : 1 sub SZ 103, 1 sub SZ 108, 1 ftr Belgium, 2 ftrs and 2 Stukas W Germany, 1 bomb and 1 Stuka Germany. UK NO scramble. All UK ships sunk. NO German Losses. All planes return to W Germany, 2 subs remain in SZ 110.
    Sea Zone 109 : 1 sub SZ 117, 1 sub SZ 118. UK NO scramble. Both UK ships sunk. Germany lost 1 sub. 1 sub remains in SZ 109.
    UK ROUND 1 : they purchased a Minor Factory for Egypt, 1 mech for Calcutta and 1 fighter, 3 infantry for London. Since Germany wiped out all the Royal Navy around England, UK was going to move their Med fleet up there so they used the Malta fighter and SZ 98 tac to go after the Italian DD, TT in SZ 96. They killed them but the Italian DD took out the UK fighter. So UK moved the CV, CA and tac from SZ 98 to SZ 92, leaving the SZ 98 DD in SZ 94 as a block against the Italian fleet. The SZ 91 CA joined the Med Fleet in SZ 92. Gibraltar fighter moved up to London. All units in Scotland moved to London.
    In Africa, UK moved 1 infantry from Sudan, 1 mech from Egypt and transported 1 infantry, 1 artillery from Alexandria all to Ethiopia. They destroyed the Italian army there with the loss of 1 infantry. UK tank in Alexandria moved to Egypt. Total units on Egypt: 1 tank, 1 infantry, 1 artillery, 2 ANZAC infantry.
    Also, UK flew fighter and tac from India to British Somalia.
    ITALY ROUND 1 : Italy purchases 1 transport and 1 infantry.
    CA, DD and SS from SZ 95 and fighter from S Italy attack French ships in SZ 93. French ships sunk with loss of Italian sub. Fighter lands in Tobruk.
    Cruiser from SZ 97 and fighter from S Italy attack UK destroyer in SZ 94. UK DD sunk with no Italian losses. Fighter lands in Tobruk.
    Infantry and Artillery from Libya plus 2 paratroopers from S Italy attack Tunisia. Italy wins with no losses.
    Army on Tobruk attacks 1 UK infantry in Alexandria. Italy wins with no losses.
    Italian Battleship escorts 2 transports with 2 infantry and 2 artillery to SZ 98. They attack Egypt along with Italian Strategic Bomber from N Italy. All Italian ground troops lost. Bomber retreats to Tobruk. UK survives with 1 tank, 1 artillery.
    1 infantry moves from Italian Somaliland to Kenya.
    1 tank NCM from N Italy to Albania.
    COMMONWEALTH ROUND 1 : Purchased 1 transport for Canada, 1 tank and 1 mech for South Africa and I think 1 infantry for Sydney.
    SZ 106 destroyer attacked German SS in SZ 109 and sank it without loss.
    SZ 106 transport moves 1 infantry, 1 artillery to London.
    Moved fighter from Quebec to Iceland.
    Transported 2 infantry from Sydney to Java.
    GERMANY ROUND 2 : Chose Blitzkrieg for Strategic Advantage. Purchased 10 transports and 1 infantry.
    Leads huge SBR raid against England. 2 Strategic bombers for the IC, 2 Stukas for the air base, 2 Stukas for the naval base and 3 escort fighters. UK sends up 5 UK and 1 French fighter for interceptors. Results are terrible for UK. 1 German fighter lost, 2 UK fighters lost.
    Industrial Complex = AA fire misses, German bombers roll “box cars” resulting in 16 points of damage to the IC (Bomber 1 = 6 + 2, bomber 2 = 6 + 2).
    Air Base = AA fire misses. Stukas get 3 points of damage on the air base.
    Naval Base = UK rolls snake eyes. 2 Stukas killed.
    Destroyer and Transport in SZ 112 takes 1 infantry and 1 artillery to SZ 91 and takes an undefended Gibraltar. This effectively traps the UK Med fleet in SZ 92. (PERSONAL NOTE: I (as Germany) am a little proud of this move. I almost didn’t see it.)
    2 subs from SZ 110 and 1 sub from SZ 112 attack CW DD and TT in SZ 109. Both CW boats sunk with loss of 1 German sub.
    All German units moved into position for attack on England. 2 infantry left at air base in Paris and 2 extra infantry at air base in W Germany (Airborne Assault Troops).
    Border with Russia is weak. 5 infantry in Finland, 5 infantry 1 artillery 1 tank in each of Poland, Slovakia and Romania.
    SOVIET UNION ROUND 2 : Soviet Union is neutral, but has been building mostly tanks and mechs for first two rounds at it’s front factories in Leningrad and Ukraine. They know Sealion is coming and are ready to reap the spoils in Europe.
    UNITED KINGDOM ROUND 2 : Now they are taking invasion a little more seriously. UK has 44 IPCs to spend, however the first 16 go to repairing their Industrial Complex, leaving them with 28. The DO NOT repair the air base so no scramble. UK purchases 6 infantry and 1 fighter, all for London.
    Tac from SZ 92 attacks German DD and TT in SZ 91 and sinks them then flies on to London.
    Infantry and Artillery from Ethiopia transported back to Egypt. Mech in Ethiopia goes back to Egypt. Fighter and Tac from British Somalia fly to Egypt.
    Egypt defenses are now: 1 infantry, 2 artillery, 1 mech, 1 tank, 1 fighter and 1 tac.
    Not knowing what to do with their ships in SZ 92, they do nothing with them.
    ITALY ROUND 2 : Italy only had 13 IPCs to spend and I just can’t remember exactly what they purchased. They did very good in the fact that they opened up 3 strategic objectives all on this round.
    First they hit SZ 92 with 2 cruisers, 1 destroyer and the bomber from Tobruk. All UK ships were sunk with Italy losing 1 destroyer and 1 cruiser.
    They hit Egypt with 3 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 mech and 1 tank from Alexandria, 1 fighters from Tobruk, 2 infantry brought in by transport and the battleship support. This time Egypt falls with Italy keeping 1 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 mech , 1 tank and 1 fighters.
    3 infantry, 1 artillery from Tunisa plus 1 fighter from Tobruk attack Algeria. They kill the 2 French infantry (France moved their Morocco infantry to Algeria round 1) with the loss of 2 Italian infantry.
    Italy attacks Greece with 2 tanks and 2 infantry from Albania, 2 infantry transported over from S Italy and 2 infantry para-dropped from S Italy. Italy wins with 2 tanks and 2 infantry surviving.
    COMMONWEALTH ROUND 2 : Moved fighter from Iceland to London. All other CW actions did not affect the attack on London.
    GERMANY ROUND 3 : Germany purchases infantry, artillery and tanks to try and shore up the eastern front defenses.
    SEALION COMMENCES! While Germany only has a carrier and a cruiser to escort the transports, with the UK air base knocked out there is no fear of scrambling fighters so all remaining Luftwaffe units can be committed to England.
    Total Attack force: 14 infantry (10 by transport, 4 by paratroops from Paris and W Germany), 4 artillery, 6 tanks, 4 fighters, 2 Stukas, 2 Bombers and 1 Cruiser bombardment.
    Total Defense force: 13 UK infantry, 2 French infantry, 1 CW infantry, 1 UK mech, 1 CW tank, 4 UK fighters, 1 French fighter, 1 CW fighter, 1 UK tac, 1 UK bomber and 5 UK AA guns.
    British Anti Aircraft took out 2 German fighters. Even with the “Radar” advantage, just a bad roll for UK.
    The battle was long and grueling but Germany ended up winning. Surviving units were 1 German tank, 2 fighters, 2 Stukas and 2 Bombers.
    Looking at the units involved, I think Germany should have had quite a bit more surviving units. I think in this case Germany ended up getting diced a little bad.

    Okay, so there is how Sealion happened in this game. After London fell, Calcutta was almost no threat to Japan and they had a fun time of it in Asia stomping out the Chinese and small amount of British units that were left down there.
    One major bad decision by the UK was their round 1 purchase. They should have bought more for defense of London. The increased amount of income I think does make the UK player think they are stronger than they really are. If they had built more defense in London, perhaps Germany would have failed in the invasion or decided to go Barbarossa instead.
    Now on the SBR of London’s IC, both German bombers rolling a 6 is just plain lucky.
    For the UK losing 2 planes as interceptors, that also hurt a little. Those planes could have meant 8 fighters defending instead of 6. They should have left their planes on the ground and let the bombers have their way with the facilities. After all, the Naval Base defenses whacked both Stukas.
    One unusually good action was Germany taking Gibraltar and trapping the UK Med fleet. It occurs to me now that UK should have moved it’s SZ 91 cruiser to SZ 104 to prevent Germany from reaching Gibraltar. Of course, you might just not think of that. You would normally think that 1 transport would be kept for the invasion of England. So I wouldn’t fault UK too much for not seeing that ahead of time. I, as Germany, almost missed it myself.
    With 2 cruisers and 1 carrier, plus possible planes on the carrier, some of Germany’s planes would had to be sent over the channel to clear the UK ships which means less German planes over London, although Germany did still have 2 subs in SZ 109.

    Russia had a little fun as they attacked on Round 3. They slaughtered all the front line German troops taking Finland, Poland, Slovakia and Romania with good sized forces left. However, their Poland force was a little weaker than the others. I think that was just unlucky dice in that battle because the attacking force was similar to the others and the defending force was exactly the same as Slovakia and Romania, which were more soundly beaten.
    Russia also took Norway, Yugoslavia and Greater Southern Germany. However, with England’s treasury, Germany had A LOT to spend in their Industrial Complexes in Germany and W Germany. Germany had already retaken Poland and soon eliminated the armies in central Europe.
    Russia kept buying tanks and mechs, but they just couldn’t seem to keep up the offensive steam. After 2 or 3 rounds, Germany managed to push Russia back out of Europe.
    Also, since there was no naval threat in the Atlantic, Germany still had all their transports. So they were able to also land a large force on Norway and move through Scandanavia. Germany also amphibiously invaded Leningrad. It took Germany until round 9 but they finally captured Moscow, which pretty much made Russia extinct.

    This had to do with the US decision to go 100% after Japan. The thing is they did it all wrong. Instead of going after Japan’s navy with somewhat smaller task forces and doing more steady damage, the US just kept sitting back and building up a big fleet. When they finally did venture out to Queensland with the intention of attacking a good part of the Japanese fleet, then ended up leaving themselves open to the majority of the Japanese Navy because they didn’t take into account the positions of all the other warships and aircraft on carriers that were scattered throughout the South Pacific area. Most of them were within range of Queensland and they pounced, destroying that huge US fleet. Japan lost all it’s smaller vessels but did survive with 2 battleships and 3 carriers plus their planes. In one fell swoop, the US Navy was reduced to something like 1 carrier, 1 cruiser, 2 destroyers and 1 sub.
    Also, on a couple of occasions, the US player led amphibious assaults on islands which were successful but ended up exposing their transports with little or no protection. This of course ended up with large US land forces being stranded on islands. (New Guinea and Hawaii)
    What’s more, by the time this big naval battle happened, Japan was making a lot of money because of their success in Asia. They could not only match US builds but exceed them. There was just no way for the US to regain momentum in the Pacific.
    I think the US should have been more aggressive against Japan. They would have taken losses, but so would have Japan. Maybe they could have at least made things more even.

    So while our game ended up in an overwhelming Axis victory due in large part to poor choices by our Allied players, there is one thing that might be a flaw in the idea of having a single UK economy. Basically, if London falls, the Axis have a much easier time of it.
    A = It makes the US decision much harder. If they go all after Japan, it leaves Germany alone to deal with only Russia. If the US goes after Germany, depending on how long it takes them to liberate London, Japan has a free hand to romp all over the Pacific and Asia.
    B = If London falls, Calcutta becomes neutralized. Makes things a lot easier for Japan.
    C = If London Falls, Italy is sure to grab Egypt and rule the Med. However, the Commonwealth could cause some problems for them in Africa. That also depends on whether S Africa is UK or Commonwealth.

    However, if London doesn’t fall, UK could really cause a lot of problems for the Axis with the larger income. Then they, like the US, have to decide just where they want to put their income: against Germany or Japan.

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    This deck of cards is pretty slick! I particular enjoy the attention to design with the illustrated cards.

    Related, it seems to me you could basically fit all the information you’d need to play the Halifax variant on a Single card, or maybe two cards at most for the rules and set up changes. It would be nice to have them on a handy card with a slick design like you did here. Would be cool if the same deck could basically work for it, or maybe just with a couple extra cards to get it working.

    I’m down to get another set of these when the next print run happens. You can grab em on the cheap, shipping from Hong Kong is the only issue, but still worth it in my book.

    Nice work again

    ps. the War Bonds beauty is must! My favorite card in the deck, so obviously I like that idea for Halifax  😄
    If only each nation had a bonds beauty! Right? I mean I would not object to a similar card featuring a British War Bonds beauty, or a Commonwealth dream dame, or Some soviet siren maybe, to win Stalin a little extra cash hehe. If presented as an optional card for each, that had a basic income bonus or something similar, that would be pretty cool. Just a thought…

    But again great art direction on these!


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    What is needed is a 2 entire decks: one axis , one allies

    Each time you capture a territory you draw one card, not more than one per turn.

    these are event cards or national advantages, but the key is the special rule does not involve rules that are not part of all games. So no cards that involve say scrambling because that is only for Global. These cards need to have utility for even Milton Bradley AA.

    Also, a third set  of OOB NO’s and a deck of General cards that boost certain combinations of units, or logistical advantages ( movement bonus).

    Here are some ideas: ( note they may not apply in some cases because they involve rules from only one game and cant be used in all)

    Soviet Union:
    1. Russian Winter- Once during the game in your Collect Income phase, you can declare a severe winter. Until the start of your next turn, your infantry defend on a 3. This applies to all Russian infantry, anywhere on the map.
    2. Mobile Industry- Russia can produce units in any territory East of Moscow up to that territory’s IPC value.
    3. Russian T-34’s – Russian armor in red territories defend on a 4.
    4. Salvage- If you win a combat against tanks or artillery in a red territory and at least one enemy tank or artillery is destroyed, you may place one free tank or artillery in that territory accordingly.
    5. Lend Lease- During your Mobilize Units phase, you can convert up to 12IPC worth of Allied units into Soviet units if they are in a red territory. These may be land or air units. Remove the affected units from play and replace them with the same units of your own color. Converted pieces lose any advantages owned by the previous owner.
    6. Trans-Siberian- In the non-combat move phase, your INF, AA Guns, and artillery may move 2 territories per turn ONLY among these territories: Bury, Yak, Novo, Russia, WRus and Kar. You may move into or through territories you have just taken over (ie. did not control at the start of your turn) or that are Allied-controlled.
    1. German 88’s - During the first cycle of combat only, on Attack and Defense, your Artillery fire in the Conduct Opening Fire phase (instead of the Attacking Units fire and Defending Units fire phases respectively). Casualties are removed immediately.
    2. Atlantic Wall: During any Amphibious Assault against a gray territory, all your infantry and artillery defend on a 3 on every cycle of combat.
    3. Panzer blitz- If your attacking forces destroy all defending units in a territory in one cycle of combat, any of your surviving armor may move 1 territory during your non-combat move. This NCM move applies even if: a) your ARM has already moved 2 spaces in Combat b) you invaded an empty territory c) you invaded a territory containing only an AA Gun and/or Industrial complex d) your ARM arrived by amphibious assault
    4. Afrika Corps- During your mobilize new units phase, you may place one of your infantry for free in Libya or Algeria if you control it.
    5. Wolf Packs - Your Subs attack on a 3 (4 with Super Subs) if there are at least two of them at the start of the combat cycle. When there are less than two SUBs at the start of a combat cycle, this ability is lost. Wolf Packs does not improve defending SUBs. The Subs may come from different sea zones, but must attack the same sea zone. For Convoy Raids, when there are at least two German subs in the same sea zone, and they are within 2 sea zones of the enemy IC, the enemy subtracts an additional 1IPC from their collected income. If the group of at least two subs is within 1 sea zone of the enemy IC, the enemy subtracts an additional 2 IPC from their collected income.
    6. Luftwaffe Dive-Bombers - During the first cycle of combat, if there are no defending fighters present, your fighters hit on a roll of 4 or less. In succeeding cycles of combat, the fighters hit normally. If defending fighters are present, this ability is cancelled. This applies to both Land and Naval Combat. Your fighters are still subject to any A.A. Fire.
    1. Radar- Your antiaircraft guns in tan territories hit air units on a roll of 2.
    2. The Commonwealth - Place 1 free Infantry during the Mobilize Units Phase in Eastern Canada, Egypt, South Africa, India or Australia if you controlled the territory at the beginning of your turn.
    3. Enigma Decoded- Once per game, when Germany finishes its combat move phase but before its conduct combat phase, you may make one special move. You may move any number of your units from an adjacent space into any one friendly space being attacked by Germany. Alternatively, you may move any number of your units from a space being attacked by Germany into an adjacent friendly space, but you must leave at least one unit behind. This special move otherwise follows the rules for a non-combat move. If your units survive, they remain in the space to which they were moved.
    4. Gloster Meteor- At the end of Round 1, the British get the jet fighter tech
    5. French Resistance- Once per game, if Western Europe becomes controlled by the Allies, you may place three British infantry there for free. 
    6. Colonial Garrison- You begin the game with one additional industrial complex in any tan territory with an income value of at least 1.
    1. Tokyo Express- Each of your destroyers may act as a transport for two infantry. These destroyers follow the same rules for loading and offloading units as transports do. No tanks or artillery
    2. Kamikaze attacks: Your air units may make a combat move without having to land in a friendly space afterward. You must declare during the combat move phase that an air unit is making a kamikaze attack. Each such air unit attacks during the opening fire step of combat and only an enemy sea unit can be chosen as a casualty.
    That air unit automatically becomes an opening fire casualty in addition to any other casualties inflicted in this cycle of combat. Same, Kamikaze fighters attack at a 4
    3. Taiwanese conscription, Same as Chinese divisions for U.S., but Japan must control Kwangtung or French Indochina.
    4. Yamato Class Battleships - Battleships attack, defend, and bombard on a 5.
    5. Naval advantage- Japan get 4 free tech rolls on its first turn, which can only be used towards Super Subs, or combined bombardment. If Japan does not get the desired tech on the first turn, he can spend 10 IPCs the second turn and get it automatically as per the 4:2 rules. 
    6. Banzai Attacks – When you begin an attack with only infantry (no armor or artillery), all those infantry attack on a 2. This also applies to any amphibious assault in which your attacking land units consist of only infantry. Attacking banzai infantry can be accompanied by Air Units and bombardment by naval unit.
    United States
    1. Island bases- When moving your air units, you may treat island groups as part of the sea zones containing them.
    2. Chinese divisions- During your mobilize new units phase, you may place one of your infantry for free in one of the following territories if you control it: China, Sinkiang, Kwangtung, or French Indochina.
    3. Marines- Your infantry attacks on a 2 in the first cycle of the land combat portion of an amphibious assault. Marines may be matched 1:1 with supporting RTL, and thereby attack at 3 on the first cycle of combat.
    4. Mechanized infantry- Your infantry have a move of 2 and may blitz just as tanks do.
    5. Fast Carriers- Your aircraft carriers have a move of 3.
    6. Super fortress- The defender rolls two antiaircraft guns for each super fortress. The total of 2 die must add to 3 or less to shoot the super fortress down in the opening fire step. A super fortress can still be shot down by a Jet Fighter.

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    That’s actually not a bad idea.

    One thing about the current deck is that it structured with choices on a scheme by Nation. A random draw aspect by Side might be fun to add in, and would give a built in incentive for attack (over waiting to attack). Has the advantage of making a low or zero ipc territory worth capturing.

    In principle you could probably get away with an Axis set and Allies set in a single deck. Say draw on a pile of 25 each side, return the cards after used (shuffle and repeat) or if you did a double deck you could have additional cards left over for things like Variant rules or Fortunes of War.

    The question is could a deck be made that supports 1942.2 at the same time, so it services both Global and the basic board?

    Consider that if you did a random draw pile (one for Axis and one for Allies) whatever bonuses or advantages the cards award, would be drawn by any player on the side that corresponds to the pile of cards. So it could work equally well in a 5 man game (1942.2), or 9 man (G40). This wouldn’t require the full double deck so you could still have plenty of cards left over after that for specific G40 stuff.

    Basically a simple Battle deck (by side), that accompanies the Variant Rules and objectives expansion deck.

    You could have Delta and then Epsilon after I guess haha

    Or why not jump it back one step.
    A Gamma deck: Random draw, basic bonus by side (two piles of cards) either simple IPC gain or some unit tactical advantage that is discarded upon use, so it’s only a one round thing. You could likely design these in such a way that they could be used in games like Revised or 1942.2 AA50 as well as the theater or Global 1940 games. Self contained thing to encourage battle each round.

    Delta: Rules and Objectives Expansion

    Gamma and Delta, for the harmony and Greek philosophers precision  😄
    Epsilon: For whatever might come after that.

    At Delphi after the exhortations to “know yourself”, and observe the limit with “nothing in excess”, there was a third, a single Epsilon etched for all to see. It is the second person imperative of the verb to be, meaning “you are!”

    I always loved that.

    Ps. did I mention I dig War Bonds? 😄

    War bonds.jpg
    delta deck.jpg

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    it should support the following:

    Milton Bradley ed.

    Forget 1941.

    The value of utility will garner the maximum sales and most people will get the two decks

    Its kind of a half way house between house rules and neat little historical flavor that does not require reading another “booklet”. They are all self contained on the card.

    People should scan the threads for card ideas, with teams separated to locate the perfect picture or art that would be on each card.

    Cards like this for the allies:

    “Miracle at Midway”–- Allied Deck

    Up to 4 planes get to attack naval targets preemptively in one battle once per game ( remove loses before the defender fires back).

    A good starting point for ideas is B. Anderson, Game Master. These types of ideas is pretty much his contribution on this site. Look him up.

  • Just want to say thank you to everyone who purchased a Delta Deck, I’m very impressed with the product reviews that have been pouring in and am glad that everyone is satisfied. Unfortunately, the Delta rule document got side tracked when ideas for Halifax proved more practical, but I have not abandoned Delta at all, I’m just incredibly busy and stressed trying to prepare for a long weekend of gaming at the FMGC this weekend. Delta is my baby and I can’t wait to fix the issues, for those of you who have decks, I’m hoping to work with them when making the modifications. However, it’s possible that the second deck and rules may look different, here are some broad stroke ideas I’ve had recently.

    1. Strip Delta down to strategic and progressive advantages only, making it an optional R&D system that work in conjuction with Halifax Rules.

    2. Make an artscow generic deck of special weapon or advantage cards with pictures and titles allowing players to state their own house rules to each.

    3. Make a 54 card artscow deck of every G40 objective, including the missing 2 from alpha, and 19 Victory City cards for Halifax Rules.

    I’ve been reading many of the great ideas in this forum and they are all extremely creative, there’s seems to be a great movement happening right now to fix G40. Also, artscow has opened up a huge opportunity for customizers to have professional looking game materials, and as IL suggested, the possibilities are endless. As much as I love creating that stuff, my wife has declared me addicted to A&A.org, which was especially the case when I was working on the designs for the delta cards because it took massive hours in illustrator, and then transfering to artscow. So, if people want me to design them custom house rule card decks, I will have to charge a fee for my time or risk divorce.

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    IL, those suggestions look very familiar.  😄 😄 😄

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    So, if people want me to design them custom house rule card decks, I will have to charge a fee for my time or risk divorce.

    Divorces are expensive, so charging a fee one way or the other is probably a good idea.  😄  But all kidding aside, I sympathize with the time issue – there’s never enough of it available in life, especially when an abosrbing hobby like A&A gets added to the equation.

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