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  • RE: 3D Printed Axis and Allies Board Game Pieces Available

    @Call77 said in 3D Printed Axis and Allies Board Game Pieces Available:

    @IWillNeverGrowUp they look good. I’m not fussed on the colour I paint mine

    Understood, but not all do. I’m going to go ahead and produce some in this other brown over the weekend though while I await the new filament.

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  • RE: 3D Printed Axis and Allies Board Game Pieces Available


    Alright, it’s 100% the dark brown filament. I ran a series of test prints with that and another, lighter brown, using the exact same settings and file and the lighter brown works.

    It’s not the color I want as it doesn’t match (even relatively close) OOB pieces, but it works. I’m going to get a different brand on Monday to try out and see if I can’t get closer to the right brown.

    Color sample that works;
    alt text

    versus the color I wanted;
    alt text

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  • RE: Conflict & Chaos: Vietnam 1965 - Print on Demand Available

    @GEN-MANSTEIN said in Conflict & Chaos: Vietnam 1965 - Print on Demand Available:

    I’m assuming no map file to down load for printing like France 40 game ?

    At this time, correct.

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  • Battle of France 1940 - Print on Demand Available

    As posted in “Other Games”;

    The full box version of The Battle of France 1940 (Revised) is available to order now through The Game Crafter Print on Demand services.

    The Game Crafter is a Print on Demand board game service located in the US. They will take your order, print/manufacture and assemble the product and ship it to you directly.
    alt text

    Number of Players: 2 to 3
    For Ages: 14+
    Playing Time: 90-120 min
    Boxed Game: US $49.99
    Digital Files Only: US $4.99
    SKU: IWN0200
    UPC: 672975563653
    Box Dimensions: 235x300x50mm
    Weight: ~1.2kg

    Contents (full box version)

    Rule book
    Game Map (18 x 27 inch/460x865mm, 6 fold board)
    Game Round Marker (red 15mm wood cube)
    Combat Cards (18) (4 French, 4 German, 4 British, 6 ‘General’)
    6 sided dice (6) (3 red, 3 black, 16mm acrylic with standard white pips)
    Player Power Chits (15 France, 15 Britain, 15 Germany) (18mm round cardboard tokens)
    Cloth Draw Bag
    Box (front and sides printed)


    Multiplier Chips
    Combat Unit Miniatures (French, British and German pieces).


    The DIGITAL FILES (PDF) Version is available to order through The Game Crafter for us$4.99 (no waiting period, just purchase and download the files to be printed however/wherever you wish).

    You can download the rules and keep up to date on the release or any other major changes/announcements at our website :

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  • Conflict & Chaos: Vietnam 1965 - Print on Demand Available

    As posted in “Other Games”;

    Available for purchase through The Game Crafter Print on Demand Services
    alt text

    Conflict and Chaos: Vietnam 1965 is a historical strategic board game designed by James J Campbell and published by I Will Never Grow Up Games through the Print on Demand service, The Game Crafter.

    *On 2 March, 1965, following an attack on a US Marine barracks at Pleiku, Operations Flaming Dart, Rolling Thunder and Arc Light commenced. This intense bombing campaign, which ultimately lasted three years, was intended to force North Vietnam to cease its support for the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam.

    Ultimately, the US involvement in the war in Vietnam was ineffective. On 15 January, 1973, President Richard Nixon announced the suspension of US offensive action against North Vietnam. By wars end, the Vietnamese had been fighting foreign involvement or occupation for 116 years.

    Take control of the nine major powers involved in one of the most controversial conflicts of all time. Can you change the course of history?*

    Number of Players: 2 to 6
    Ages: 14+
    Playing Time: 180-240 min
    MSRP: us$64.99 + shipping
    Box Dimensions: 11.75 x 9.25 x 2 inch
    Weight: 3.4 lb

    Featuring several unique game mechanisms, including;

    Covert troop deployment and sneak attacks, infantry extraction rules, reinforcement rules, multinational forces, political influences, and a wide variety of player powers.


    14 page Rule book
    27x18 inch 6 fold Game Board
    2 Covert Operations Boards and Screens
    Territory Control and Production Track
    84 National Control Markers
    28 Facilities Damage Tokens
    4 Amphibious Landing Tokens
    14 Covert Operations Tokens
    10 Anti Aircraft Gun Tokens
    7 Surface to Air Missile Tokens
    6 Fire Support Base Tokens
    4 Air Base Tokens
    Production Points (Paper Money)


    Player Power Combat Unit Tokens (us$29.99)

    A complete set of 2mm thick punchboard tokens.
    375 Player Power Specific Combat Unit Tokens including;
    Infantry, Artillery, Armor, Helicopter, Fighter, Fighter-Bomber, Bomber.

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  • RE: Dun-zo

    @GEN-MANSTEIN said in Dun-zo:

    Just went to kick starter site for this game and all comments and such have been removed. Nothing comes up.

    Still there for me. Must’ve been a glitch? I know that the content creator cannot remove or change anything in the campaign once it’s completed except for the header image, create new updates and change the link at the top of the page so if anything is gone it’s a Kickstarter server error.

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  • RE: 3D Printed Axis and Allies Board Game Pieces Available

    @Call77 said in 3D Printed Axis and Allies Board Game Pieces Available:

    @IWillNeverGrowUp yeah there is something going on they are definitely not as good as the others

    Yup. I’m about 80% sure it’s this particular brand and/or color of filament. I’m doing some trouble shooting to see where it’s gone wrong on those.

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  • RE: 3D Printed Axis and Allies Board Game Pieces Available

    Pulling all of the Italian pieces for quality issues. Going to do a re-design and re-test. I have a feeling the filament being used is not the best either (our lighter brown pieces came out phenomenal, but the “wrong” color).

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  • RE: Dun-zo

    @taamvan said in Dun-zo:

    @IWillNeverGrowUp It makes kickstarter feel like the other “give me something for free” sites. I’ve pledged $1 to games I dont even like–many of the HUGELY successful games have hideous artwork, lame gameplay, silly gimmicks, and cheeze ideas but when you actually watch people who know what they’re doing give updates, they have a plan, they have a process, they dont make very many excuses and ASK to be held accountable when they dissappoint, which is exactly how I approach…my work.

    I’ve had the opposite experience with the 100+ games I’ve backed through Kickstarter (not just $1 backing, but full pledges) … lots of great game play, amazing artwork and excellent execution. It requires some research on the part of the backer to know what they’re getting in to … to date I’ve only been burned twice out of 100+; once by a big publisher to the tune of around $300 (Robotech RPG Tactics from Palladium) and once by a small/new publisher for $40ish (Dwarves in Trouble by HEX Games).

    That said, yes … a professional will have a developed game, mostly finished art (if not finished), proper updates and plans in place and a high degree of communication with their backers (even if late, I like to know what’s happening and not get excuses).

    @taamvan said in Dun-zo:

    I’ve designed several games but the problem isnt creating the idea its about creating and executing the final product.

    Execution is the biggest, most difficult and most expensive, part of producing a game! It’s where many fall flat.

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  • RE: Dun-zo

    @taamvan said in Dun-zo:

    @IWillNeverGrowUp Fraud requires specific intent to defraud, I’m not sure what he thinks he can accomplish given the money and time. From day -100, its been “everything is mostly finished” except nothing. He has mysterious creators and developers and an entire team (him), and he did expend some effforts to create prototypes rules art and maps but this project is WAY beyond the scope of 100k and 1 person in terms of what was promised and thats just a lesson about throwing your money away.

    There have been like 3 “generations” of game projects that have been pitched, funded, developed from a rough idea, printed and shipped since this one started. It can be done, but only if you are dedicated and know what you are doing.

    I won’t call fraud as we don’t know that there is intent. The lack of proper communication and the “Ready to go!” followed by “Still play testing/developing/finishing up” could just be a lack of experience. I can’t say with certainty.

    I’ve held off commenting for a long time as a designer and publisher myself. I do know what it takes to get these things out there. From what I’ve seen, this could be done for the money raised, even with a 1 person show. However, like you said, you need to know what you’re doing and it would be very tight (money wise) and could potentially lose money if there are any mis-steps (shipping costs have gone up dramatically over the past 2 years for example).

    I didn’t back this one because it was clear (to me) from the start that there was a lack of understanding of both the publishing aspect (process, costs, work-flow) and how a Kickstarter campaign works (see the mess of the pledge levels, for an extreme example).

    I started work on my own Vietnam game in 2008 and just released it (via Print on Demand) this summer. I wouldn’t have even considered going to Kickstarter if it were still in the development stage. Perhaps I should do a Kickstarter to do a complete manufacturing run with all the bells and whistles!

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