G40 - Naval Air Attack & Naval Rules

  • Two additional items to discuss:

    • When this rule is combined with the “High Luck” rule from YG.  (The version where hits of @3 can be placed in the 3 column, @4 in the 4 column etc…)  The TACs now get a nice bonus in naval combat.  They can choose their target when rolling @1.  And, they can potentially hit @4 targets with their modifier and a roll of 4.  I rolled out several test battles the other night and didn’t notice any unbalance issues.   … as long as both sides had decent air-cover that is!!! … A navy fleet without air-cover is doomed.  (as they should be in WWII)  I think this addresses the concerns that BM had with making the TAC bonus too weak.  When combined they seem to preform very nice, but not too powerful.

    • I am thinking about adding the following text to the Navy Rules:  “All planes participating in a naval battle must have an available landing target between combat rounds.  Otherwise, they are immediately destroyed.  Does not apply for combat conducted in a sea-zone adjacent to a friendly land-zone or around a friendly island.”

    This would prevent planes from fighting on while their carrier has been destroyed from under them.  Comments?

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    Thanks jetset, gonna go over your revised first post tonight when I get away from work.

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    Hello Baron.  I am afraid that by giving the TACs the hit selection with EVERY HIT, it is going to swing the game out of balance.  I did test-battles by giving TACs the capability select all of their hits.  The result was that the amount IPCs lost swung very far in favor of the attacker.  … Basically, if TACs can select all of their hits, they are going to cause 11+ IPCs of damage with every hit … or even more if they hit Loaded Transports!

    Also, the focus of Naval Air Attacks isn’t so much to prevent Capital Ship Stacking (although it helps against this) … it is also to give more value to the small islands and atoll’s in the Pacific.

    This is because if a TAC just scores a SINGLE hit on a loaded CV, the planes on the CV will not have anywhere to land unless the fleet is positioned around a friendly island.

    The 2nd goal was to force players to put more emphasis on providing sufficent air cover for their fleets … be it with air bases or carriers.

    In the end, the power of air units at sea is already greatly improved!!!  Ships can ONLY hit air units now with their AAA abilities!

    I would propose the following:  We do some “Test Games” with TACs selecting their hits @1.  If we come to the conclusion that there is not enough punch in the TAC Naval Air Attacks, then we increase it to 2 or less.

    What do you think about giving TcBs whether a direct attack on Warships (Sub, DD or Cruiser), or on Capital warships and TPs?
    The owner still choose amongst units the specific casualty.
    You let Fg and Bomber make their hits first, then after, TcBs hits are directed on warships or Capital warships & TPs.

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    talked this over with my group and they don’t want any changes to the resolve combat phase. I’m more inclined to develop rules that my group might play, things like national objective modifications, turn order modifications, research & development modifications… etc. So I’ll be focusing my energy on refining the game for my group before jumping into concepts like the High Luck system. let me know how this works out for you guys.

  • Thanks YG.  Please keep the ideas coming.  I’m grabbing bits and pieces and mashing it together with some of my own ideas to make a nice set of rules that works out for my group too.

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