• Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    If you can get POW’s to a research facility, you can kill one, to reduce your roll from tech on a 6, to tech on a 5 or 6 for that turn.


  • research subjects.

    Maybe a simple way to add up war crimes score would be to just add up all the IPCs that you gained (or didn’t have to spend) by doing the war crimes.  Genocide (killing the last enemy unit) would get you $10 but you also get 10 war crimes points.

  • Equipment plundered from captured enemy units:
    You may strip the heavy equipment from captured enemy ground units and use it as your own.  At the end of the combat move phase you may convert your infantry units into some of the unit types that were captured.  For every 2 captured armor units, you can upgrade one of your infantry units that survived the battle into an armored unit.  You can also swap 2 captured artillery or 2 captured mech for the upgrade of 1 of your infantry into an artillery or mech.  You must have infantry left at the end of the battle to do this swap.  All capured enemy units become infantry and are moved to your capitol during the noncombat movement phase.

    This plunder of equipment, money and personal possessions from captured soldiers is against the rules of war and for every swap you incur -1 war crime point.

  • Not exactly Hogan’s Heroes….


  • Hi All,
    In regards to POW I don’t feel like adding war crimes to a game. I think AA games should stay on a tactical and strategie level.

    That said it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for POW labor.

    My suggestion how to use POW labor is as a discounts point to facilities. Say you want to build a railroad, factory or airbase, you pay its price minus the number of POW’s you have. They cant be used to build units. But they could be used to make concrete, barb wire and so on.

    How do you get POW’s. Infantry that roll a six in the last battle round of a combat are POW’s. Replace for a marker such as the HBG POW marker A:0/D0/M1inNCM

  • You only get the discount if the POW is in the territory you build your facility. You can rail POW.

  • They can repair damage to exiting facilities; -1 damage per turn. But choose the discount or the repair per POW, not Both.

    If the territory a POW is in is captured, you may place an infantry per POW in your Place New Units Area.

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