Central Powers Boost House Rule

  • So we have been playing OOB (with FAQ) in my group and we are still seeing the CPs getting dominated.
    And we came up with a simple, yet not historical what so ever house rule to boost the CPs (after a bit of drinking)
    We wanted to stimulate some naval action for the CPs, by giving them a free naval unit every once in a while.

    For the Central Powers only, if you control your capital and the enemy does not contest or control any territories adjacent to your capital, then at the end of your purchase units phase roll a die and consult the following chart. You are awarded an additional free unit added to your purchased units.

    1. Infantry
    2. Infantry
    3. Artillery
    4. Fighter
    5. Sub
    6. Cruiser

    The counter proposal to this rule was a National Objective for each of the Central Powers.

    You collect an additional 5 IPCs if the Allies do not control or contest any of the territories adjacent to your capital.

    We didn’t want to give the CPs a bid of raw units to put wherever they want, or that may upset the natural balance of the game. But we do recognize they are lagging behind the allies.

  • I much prefer the 2nd.
    The 1st could potentially be more fun.

    I also prefer low luck dice, so it may be a personal preference.

  • So we are about to play a game with the following rule:

    Roll a die during the place units phase for the central powers if that power controls their capital and place this unit.

    1. Infantry
    2. Infantry
    3. Artillery
    4. Fighter
    5. Sub
    6. Cruiser

  • '14

    This is one of the reasons I have been sold on the D12 approach to AA1914. If you look at any of the other WW I games out there like Le Grande Guerre, Guns of August, Paths of Glory, etc., you notice that German units are usually have higher stats than most other nations. Only the UK really approaches them, for instance. Other nations, like Russia and Austria-Hungary are more on par with each other (which is historically accurate; both armies were utterly cumbersome in battle). And those Stahlhelm infantry from WW II make for perfect Stosstruppen…

    I have spent so much time considering house rules that I am starting to end up with a Franken-game. But variable stats for infantry (think of these as roughly approximate to a corps) are one of the best options I’ve considered. So cruisers, battleships, artillery, and so on, remain at the same stats and cost for everyone.

  • Thanks Oztea, let us know how that works!

  • The CP won the game for various reasons.

    An inexperienced player was France+UK.
    Russia made a mistake on its southern flank that allowed the ottomans to can open for the AustroHungarians.

    The bonus units were probably too much, but it was very fun having a sub pop up for the axis once in a while and the implications it created for the allies.

    Their usually guaranteed naval dominance was nibbled away at.
    The more free units they got as the game went on, the more it became too much for the allies.

    I may change the rule to a one time roll at the end of each CP turn with a chart like this:

    Once per game you can roll on the special Centeral Powers Conscription chart

    1. 2 infantry
    2. Infantry + artillery
    3. Infantry + fighter
    4. Sub + infantry
    5. Sub + artillery
    6. Cruiser + infantry

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