• One of the major factors in wars is how fast you can get supplies to your troops. Look at Napoleon’s attack on Russia he was drawn into the motherland and so his supply lines were to far away and so lost. Look at North Africa the Allies attacked Rommel’s supply lines and so he had problems supplying his troops and without supplies Moral goes down. Because of this should there not be supply rules for G40 the biggest most complex version of AAA so far. With this being so complex these supply line rules will be KISS.

    A few notes before we start

    1. No these won’t be as complex as my Historical Commander rules
    2. These will involve using FMG trucks(or other form of mechanical support) (as supply trucks) or you can use BotB(which only have German and American.)

    For each unit there is a different supply cost (These will be edited after play testing)

    Every turn pay the # for each one of a unit you have

    Infantry: 1
    Mechanized infantry: 2
    Artillery: 1
    Armour: 2
    Trucks: 1
    Fighter: 2
    Tact: 2
    Bomber: 3
    Air transport: 2
    Transport: 1
    Submarine: 1 (Special sub rules)
    Destroyer: 2
    Cruiser: 2
    Battleship: 3
    Aircraft carrier: 2

    For every IPC you earn you gain 3 Supplies at the end of every turn(may be edited after play testing)

    If your land units are in a territory with a Mnr or Mjr Factory you don’t have to pay the units supply cost
    If your air units are in a territory containing a air base you don’t have to pay the unit supply cost
    If you Sea units are in a seazone bordering a Naval base you don’t have to pay the unit supply cost

    A sea, land or air transport may carry a maximum of 6 supplies You can use these supplies to may the units supply cost or other supplies.

    If a sub submerges the supply cost is 1 per turn and if you don’t have enough supplies to keep it submerged you must move up to the surface

    If a unit has zero supplies it:
    Can’t move
    Can’t attack
    Can defend but at 1 less (Bombers and Subs have no Defence value then)

    If a unit needs 2 or 3 supplies and only has one it:
    Can’t attack
    Can defend but at 1 less (bombers have no Def value)

    If a unit needs 3 supplies but has 2 it:
    Can’t attack

    If a unit is at negative 2 supplies it is removed from the game

    Any ideas welcome

  • I have a couple of questions,
    Are the supplies produced locally in every territory every turn, or are they all produced like IPC’s, and then placed at factories?
    Also it might be simpler to just three different supply situations.  Supplied, partially supplied, and not supplied.
    Supplied no restrictions
    Partially supplied can’t attack, and defend -1
    Not supplied can’t attack, defend -1, can’t move.
    I like the idea of units at the bases and factories don’t need supply.

  • cool ideas would you use the botb supply tokens and does every territory produce supplies or just ones w/ factories

  • All supplies are in a pool for each player. They are transported from factories and bases to units. However at the start of the game each Territory or Sea zone has enough supplies to support the units in it for 2 turns.

    Air units can carry enough supplies to last itself for one turn
    Land units can carry enough supplies to last itself 2 turns
    Naval units can carry enough supplies to last itself 3 turns

    So a infantry can carry a max of 2 supplies

    Also would use supply tokens underneath it to show how many supplies it had

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I like the concept, but it’s way to much work…

    Just playing Global as it is is hard enough for most people.  Let alone including supply managment.

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