• RE: New 3D-printed parts: Infantry Stands/Bases w/ designations for Marines, Airborne, Elite, and more!

    10/19/2021 Update: New stuff: Kamikaze tokens and Pillboxes!

    Pictured below is everything I’ve got in stock:

    • Infantry Stands (5 styles! 3 sizes!)
    • Major, Regular, and Minor Industrial Complexes
    • Airfield and Shipyard Miniatures
    • Pillboxes, circular and hexagonal
    • Convoy and Kamikaze Zone markers
    • Air Base, Naval Base, Research, and Recruitment tokens


    I’ve also updated my QTY discounts and bundles - come take a look! Use coupon code AADOTORG21 for 10% off your order for the rest of 2021: www.etsy.com/shop/NathanDetr0itDesigns?coupon=AADOTORG21

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  • RE: General 5 stars 1941 Global War Game

    Yo barnee. We looking at now with replacing Milan victory point to Tunis so maybe get more of a American landing in Morocco with Monty pushing from other side from Cairo.

    Also adding a Solomon Islands victory point to try and get the coral sea battle going. Look at setup map pic. US line fleet there so based on history get japan to get Solomon while controlling Truk for another point and by attacking US fleet and Japan sending down some naval from home to Truk. Goal is get the buys on Australia before US gets there. Or at least hold Sydney while axis on Europe side gets there points.


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  • RE: General 5 stars 1941 Global War Game

    Oh forgot. Below is the charts of tech, income, National Advantages and victory points after 5 turns. As mentioned in above post axis got knocked down to 29 but probably would of had 30 or 31 points at end of turn 6 for the win.
    Had 6 techs with Japan spies stealing a tech from allies. So really only 5. 1 stolen.
    Axis almost to victory point for income. Need 210 axis total income.
    Also each country got 2 National Advantages to use for whole game. UK had French Resistance cells. They popped up after allies landed in Western France. So they lose that NA.


    SS Elites were bunkered down !


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  • RE: General 5 stars 1941 Global War Game

    Couple setup tweaks.

    1. Tac from Quebec to New Found land.
    2. 4th Russian General Vatutin in game now. Re roll for 2 Art, 1 Inf. Removed a KV in Archangel.
    3. Moved 2 ground units from Scotland to London.
    4. Removed 1 Jap Inf from Shensi.
    5. Moved the Art in Com China territory to other territory.
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  • RE: General 5 stars 1941 Global War Game

    Well well well somebody finally did sea lion first turn and Germany pulled it off. Funny how it wasn’t tried before or sooner. A few later turn tries got blocked by a weather event card or
    an AA gun defense was rolled good with a NA radar @3 instead of a @2 for UK.

    Plus Germany got Wolf Pack Tactics and Manstein’s Panzer Blitz NA’s which would help with more convoy raids and Russian attacks. Germany received 48 Icps from UK and UK’s capital went to Ottawa and Quebec received an upgrade minor factory to 6.

    So that delayed UK 2 turns before they could start doing something with the USA planning and building more on Europe side. In the mean time Italy was doing a good job in Med. based not much UK pressure after turn 2 but UK did get some good naval rolls there.

    Double click on pics to blow up.

    Here is a picture below of Germany after there turn 2. They took Scotland and for the next 3 turns UK US went back and forth taking back London until the allies finally secured London. The allies did finally make a huge landing in Western France but Germany was able to take it out with there planes and Germany’s good play south way in Russia to force Russia to split some of there ground units to help defend Stalingrad.


    So on the Pacific side ( pic below ) Japan and US doing there thing and in this pic below it looks like Japans fleet is split and of course Japan is going for the oil islands for the extra money they need to help towards an axis victory.


    What happen in a few turns later the Japan fleet did get together and the US fleet moved to Java sea zone while Japan’s fleet moved to inside sea zone of Malaya and Borneo to protect some oil money islands and then the US fleet attacked the Japan fleet based the allies needed to deny 2 victory points for the axis controlling Singapore but ended up losing the naval battle along with Japan mostly but Japan could recover faster based on making decent money from oil islands and US spending more on Europe side ( sea lion ) with really no US fleet built at San Fran.

    This next pic below shows Russia now Taking back Stalingrad and some ground moved out to help retake back Stalingrad again if Germany counter. But they didn’t. Italy moved there ground between the 2 Russian ground troop groups and Germany moved some units there with them.
    And also the allies have control of London.


    This pic below is at the end of turn 5 and Russia did attack that ground troop force ( off the map on a task card ) where the 3 SS Panther tanks are left. Russia retreated to Moscow with all his tanks to help defend and left Germany with those 3 tanks and not in pic yet the Russian figs landed in Stalingrad to help defend that too on any axis counters. Also in this pic Germany attacked all those ground units in Western France but not in pic. But if you look at London there is no ground units.
    So after 5 turns the Axis had 29 points but Japan would get 2 more and Germany would hold Rostov to win the game with 31 points. 30 need for the win.


    In this pic below is Pacific side at end of turn 5. As you can see on next turn Japan can get all of China for another victory point and get Sumatra for another victory point and also axis be pretty close to another axis victory point for total axis income.


    So it was a great game and to finally see what would happen with a sea lion and to make any tweaks. Just going to take 2 ground from Scotland and move them to London on setup.

    Its nice to see that yes Japan needs to help also with Italy mind you to win the game.
    With Germany making good ground moves in the south with some Italy ground ( which has to stay south in game ) prevented the Russians to do any really counter attacks.

    Also Germany did finally get to influence Spain late in game to help counter the allies landing and with Italy backing that up with ground units.

    Russian held its own again and only game out there where Russia can hold Moscow based on some German play and or Stalingrad. Were seeing stuff in those 2 city’s that I’ve never seen before in any game. ( might be one out there ) But hey you got to stay on your toes as Russia.
    A minor mistake then will cost you the game. So that’s that.

    Oh by the way IL’s walking dead Bunker in Germany never got in game.

    General 5 stars ( SS gen/GEN MANSTEIN) out !!!

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  • RE: General 5 stars 1941 Global War Game

    In case somebody missed theses.

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  • RE: General 5 stars 1941 Global War Game

    @barnee said in General 5 stars 1941 Global War Game:

    @general-5-stars right on they look pretty sweet !

    Ya my boy Manstein is still in front ! LOL

    Hen House MacArthur has his pipe. OH boy.
    Time for the Japs to Napalm all !!! LOL

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  • RE: General 5 stars 1941 Global War Game

    Thanks barnee. WIll get to use them in game Saturday !

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  • RE: General 5 stars 1941 Global War Game


    It officially the General”s Fortress now.
    17 are here and waiting on 13 more.
    Gave myself a treat.

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  • New 3D-printed parts: Infantry Stands/Bases w/ designations for Marines, Airborne, Elite, and more!

    Hi all, I recently released a new model on my Etsy shop: 3D-printed bases for infantry with 5 different raised symbols/designations:

    • Marines (anchor)
    • Airborne (parachute)
    • Elite (lightning bolt)
    • Veteran/Guard (star)
    • “DIY” (blank/no symbol - design your own!)



    These are printed in white but the raised symbol means they are a snap to paint (or even sharpie, as pictured). Note that some of the pictures show a full circle base, but I’ve since moved to the open-backed crescent style for better fit and piece removal.

    I wanted to offer a perfect snug-fit for these so that, once paired with an infantry, they move easily around the board together - but it’s a well-known fact that not all infantry bases are equal, so I have three size variations to accomodate the most-frequently encountered infantry bases:

    • “Small”, which fits the smaller Italy and China sculpts (12.0mm dia bases) from AA50 and G40, in addition to the old 11.7-12.2mm bases from AAP and AAE.
    • The default size, which fits most modern sculpts (12.6mm dia bases) for the major powers + France from about AAR-onwards
    • “ANZAC”, which fits the ridiculously oversized ANZAC infantry (13.5mm dia bases) from AAP40.

    Anyways, check them out and come be one of my first customers! I’m offering 10% off to A&A forum members through the end of 2021 using coupon code AADOTORG21. https://www.etsy.com/shop/NathanDetr0itDesigns?coupon=AADOTORG21

    Let me know below what you think, and if there are more designs & designations you would like to see!

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