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    Thank you, Marc! While the rest of the New Orleans Class cruisers are getting done I wanted to share some more recent finishes. We’ve purchased some Independence Class aircraft carriers from Ebard at Shapeways for use as light carriers to go with HBG’s Casablanca light carriers, and the first one done is the USS Cowpens (CVL-25), also known as “The Mighty Moo” for its many Unit Awards, Campaign and Service Medals and Ribbons. There were a lot of references for the camo but very few for the deck and arresting cables. I was able to find a set of diagrams from some plastic model instructions, and with those and pictures of scale models and pictures of the class on Navsource.org FOlewnik was able to correctly place arresting gear on the flight deck. Although it’s a light carrier, it has 2 magnets for aircraft. To get better pictures of the sides, I put the piece on the edge of the board overhanging the table, but the first picture is when it was still in progress. I like it because you can better see the four colors used.

    Also done is the USS Trenton (CL-11) from HBG in Camouflage Measure 33, Design 2F, from a set of drawings prepared by the Bureau of Ships for a camouflage scheme intended for light cruisers of the CL-4 (Omaha) class found on navsource.org.

    Another GHQ Benham Class destroyer is also done, this one as the USS Stack (DD-406). Her camouflage is Measure 31, Design 11d. Photographs from the Bureau of Ships Collection in the U.S. National Archives, via navsource.org.
    DSC_0604-USS Stack-Benham Class.jpg
    DSC_0604-USS Stack-Benham Class-0540609.jpg

    The three of them together:


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    The pre-digital printing technique that was originally used in comic books (among other applications) is called halftone printing, or halftoning; raster imaging is its digital equivalent. Roy Lichtenstein once painted a giant comic strip panel titled Whaam!, and I think Andy Warhol was also fond of producing oversized images in which the halftone dotting effect was magnified.

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  • RE: SS GEN's 1941 Global War Game

    Ok. Show down at the Generals Fortress this Sat. Have 8 guys. I will sit out for a bit and help with a new guy until he has to leave then I’ll take over. Then may have to jump to axis side late afternoon.
    Well Barnee we are going to see how the new tweaks work out.
    On the list for maybe some tweaks.
    Tac/Dive AD@5 down to @4.
    BB AD@8 down to @7.
    CR AD@7 down to @6.
    And if that happens then Figs against navy only
    That’s it. Let’s see what happens. Report Sunday with pics

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    @ambilzi said in A&A 1940 Customization Photoshop Files:

    I don’t know what it’s called where the printing process produces those faint, round “pixels” that I remember seeing in color comics in the newspaper when I was young

    This is called a “Raster” image!

    Thanks for the archive!

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  • WWII Vet Receives Bronze Star 75 Years Later

    Here’s an interesting news story from yesterday. For technology buffs, note that Mr. Smoyer posed in front of a Sherman tank for the occasion (which was a nice touch), but that the tank in which he served as a gunner, and with which he destroyed a Panther, was a Pershing, a late-war 90mm-gunned well-armoured US tank which could take on the Panther on better terms than the thinly-armoured 75mm-gunned Sherman.

    Published Wednesday, September 18, 201
    World War II veteran Clarence Smoyer, 96, receives the Bronze Star from U.S. Army Maj. Peter Semanoff at the World War II Memorial, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, in Washington. Smoyer fought with the U.S. Army’s 3rd Armored Division, nicknamed the Spearhead Division. In 1945, he defeated a German Panther tank near the cathedral in Cologne, Germany — a dramatic duel filmed by an Army cameraman that was seen all over the world.


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    Beautiful work!

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  • RE: Fun Awards suggetions plz

    @IshidO said in Fun Awards suggetions plz:


    Thank you very much. I found them 3 years ago in some other forum I guess, you were also quite engaged into the topic as far as I remember 🙂

    In november 2018 I wasn’t able to find them anymore online so I had to replug an old hard disk to retrieve them.

    If anyone reading this is facing the same problem, feel free to msg me, I will provide this awesome ruleset with great pleasure!

    tags: AARe Enhanced ver 5.01

    Could you just post a link or file to these rules right here in this thread ?

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    The first New Orleans class cruiser is done (or was a few days ago but I’m just now getting around to posting). This one is the USS Minneapolis, CV-36.

    The USS Minneapolis and the USS Indianapolis together for comparison:

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    @vodot I don’t think so. I would believe he’s busy. I heard he’s not going to Siredbloods tourney this weekend.

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    I think we killed @Argothair’s thread with our Azorian chatter, @SS-GEN.

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