Anniversary Edition Expanding Revised

  • Axis and Allies Revised:  Anniversary Extension


    These rules add Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition rules into Axis and Allies Revised.


    There are 6 player controlled powers.  Japan, Germany, and Italy make up the Axis.  Russia, UK, and USA make up the Allies.

    Turn order is Japan, Russia, Germany, UK, Italy, USA.

    Italy controls Southern Europe, Balkans, and Libya.  Replace these units with Italian units.  This gives Italy 10 IPC.  Sea units

    in SZ 14 are Italian.  It is recommended to use the A&A Pacific Red Japanese forces to represent the Italians.


    Chinese forces gain 1 infantry in the place units phase for every 2 IPC of Chinese Territory they own.  They may not leave Chinese

    Manchuria, Kwangtung, China, and Sinkiang are considered Chinese territories.  Replace the US infantry in China with 3 Chinese

    infantry in China and 3 in Sinkiang

    —Map Changes—

    West Russia, Belorussia, and the Ukraine SSR are considered Russian territories.
    SZ 14 does not connect to SZ 16.
    Gibralter also connects to SZ12.

    —Strategic Bombing—

    Every strategic bombing “hit” reduces the unit production capacity of that industrial complex by 1. Once the damage to an

    industrial complex equals the value of the territory it is in, that industrial complex can no longer produce units. (i.e. if an

    industrial complex in Germany is bombed for 6 damage, it can only produce 4 units a turn until repaired). Damage to industrial

    complexes can be repaired for 1 IPC per damage point.

    The maximum number of damage points an IC can sustain is twice the IPC value of the territory it’s in.  The number of damage

    points inflicted on the IC is subtracted from its production capacity.


    Use AA50 tech system.

    —National Objectives—


    • Axis control of Western Europe+Germany+Eastern Europe = 5 IPCs
    • Axis control of at least three out of: Eastern Europe + Belorussia + Ukraine SSR + West Russia = 5 IPCs
    • Axis control of either of: Karelia S.S.R. or Caucasus = 5 IPCs

    Soviet Union

    • Allied control of Archangel and no Allied units on Russian territory = 5 IPCs
    • Allied control of at least two of the following: Norway, Eastern Europe and/or Balkans= 10 IPCs.


    • Axis control of Manchuria + Kwangtung + French Indochina = 5 IPCs
    • Axis control of at least four out of: Kwangtung, East Indies, Borneo, Phillippine Islands, New Guinea or Solomon Islands= 5 IPCs
    • Axis control of at least one of: Hawaiian Islands, Australia or India =5 IPCs


    • Allied control Okinawa, Wake Island, French Indochina, the Caroline Islands, or Japan = 5 IPCs.
    • Allied control of Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Gibraltar, Anglo-Egypt, Australia and Union of South Africa = 5 IPCs.
    • Allied control of one of: Western Europe and/or Balkans=5 IPCs.


    • Axis control of at least three out of: Anglo-Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Western Europe and/or Gibraltar=5 IPCs.
    • Axis control of Southern Europe + Balkans + Algeria + Libya + No enemy ships in Med sea zones, sz 13,14,15 [transports and

    submarines do not count] = 5 IPCs.

    *Allied control of Western Europe = 5 IPCs
    *Allied control of Phillippine Islands=5 IPCs
    *Allied control of West US+Central US+East US= 5 IPCs
    Allied control of at least 3 of the following territories: Midway, Wake Island, Hawaiian Islands and/or Solomon Islands= 5 IPCs.

    –-Victory Cities—

    Australia, Hawaii, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Manchuria, and Okinawa all count as victory cities.  This places 9 in each “Theater”.

    Standard victory is 13 Victory Cities.  This requires the capture of 4 enemy victory cities.  If players wish to play a longer or

    shorter game, adjustments can be made.

    —New Unit Values—

    New Ability:  Cannot be shot by planes if there is no opposing destroyer present
    Cost: 6
    A= 2

    New Ability:  Does not participate in battle.  If alone with enemy warships in the conduct combat phase (before or immediately

    after), they are destroyed.
    Cost: 7

    Destroyer (Amphibious Assault at 2)
    Cost: 12

    Aircraft Carrier:
    Cost: 14

    Cost: 20

    Cost: 12

    AA Guns
    New Ability:  Only fire at planes attacking their own territory.
    Cost:  5


    If one desires to play with cruisers, implement them in the following way:

    Cruiser (Amphibious Assault)
    Cost: 12

    Destroyer (Negates special abilities of enemy submarines)
    Cost: 8

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    Anniversary Extension

    I think this sounds like a surgery.

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