[Anniversary] French and ANZAC additions.

  • I’ve made some additions to the Anniversary. Not wanting to spend $200 plus on getting the whole  1940 Global, I bought all I would need to make the Anniversary a mini Global. I bought French and ANZAC pieces, and Naval and Air bases. I also devised a unique way that the French and ANZAC get their forces. I took  a page out of Chinas playbook and modified it. Because the French and Aussies are larger powers than China, I gave them ICs, And all the goodies they would get in Global '40, except IPCs. They get their troops and vehicles like so: They may choose TWO of the three unit types (Naval, Air and Land) and build one unit for each. To prevent mass build up of Aircraft, Battleships, Carries and Cruisers, the French and ANZAC are limited to the physical models of they units listed. Destroyers, Subs and Transports can be mass produced. This has not yet been playtested, but will be soon.

    What do y’all think? It’s innovative, but do you think It’ll work?

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    If I understand your rules correctly, then it sounds pretty darn overpowered for the Allies to me, Schmidty.

    The French start Anniversary 1941 with French West Africa, French Equatorial Africa, French Madagascar, and, if you’re being generous Trans-Jordan (representing Syria).
    The Australians start Anniversary 1941 with Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea.

    That means each minor power is only earning 4 IPCs…but you’re letting them build a bomber and a battleship every turn, which are worth 36 IPCs. Yes, eventually they’ll run out of pieces, and then they’ll have to build fighters and cruisers instead…but that’s still worth 22 IPCs. Worse, there is really nothing the Axis can do about this – as long as the minor power controls even one territory, they can still dump their free units onto the board each turn.

    So you’re giving the Allies a boost of about 50 IPCs per turn, every turn, all through the game. That’s enough to break the balance of the game beyond repair.

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    Hi, usually add the French as a non-playable power, neutral Axis-friendly. Got some French units and setup the game as in the pic. There are some house rules for these Vichy French units and at some point they might join the Allies side.

    This was just a test game so the setup is not the correct one.


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    You’ll find out best with play test.

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