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  • RE: Make paratrooper unit standard in 1940 Global Bal Mod

    IL way is no bonus for artillery, unless its downgraded to infantry. +3 first round ( surprise and elite weapons) +2 second round ( running out of supplies, but still potent), and+1 rest of rounds. The idea is dropping them farther than adjacent areas so artillery wont be a factor or bonus.

    Cost to upgrade from infantry already built should be 2 IPC and limits either based on totals per side being equal, or Historical ( somewhat balanced), or limited by bombers, or IPC ( each 10 IPC can raise 1 paratrooper-example)

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  • RE: Make paratrooper unit standard in 1940 Global Bal Mod

    @aequitas-et-veritas Well then there is no real benefit at all! Attacking at 2 in the first round only is not any real need for this unit. Nations train these elite units for years and once they are gone , its hard to reform from cadre. The value of the paratrooper can not be dismissed as a +1 first round only nonsense. I still prefer a 3,2,1+ deal.

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  • RE: Make paratrooper unit standard in 1940 Global Bal Mod

    I would prefer that Airborne units have elite weapons and short supplies ( short duration think). As a result one bomber dropping such a unit, that unit attacks at 3 in the 1st round, 2 in round 2 and 1 the rest of the rounds. You can have a limited number of such units or based on Historical, or based on the IPC you spent raising these units.

    Cost to upgrade one infantry unit to airborne=2-3 IPC… off top of head each nation can have 3-6 units

    Germany 6
    Japan 5
    Italy 3
    USSR 3
    UK 4
    USA 6
    France 1 or Anzac 1

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  • RE: Original 1914 A&A map upsized?

    Yes the first day. search my files

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  • RE: Do airbases extend range of planes on aircraft carriers

    I do like the idea that a carrier can move 2 spaces, then launch fighters 3 spaces, then land on land area with 4th space.

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  • RE: Camouflaged SS Tigers

    right on all accounts, SHOCK in white with rectangular red background. Shock armies were delineated with SHK, but to most people SHOCK is more readable

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  • RE: 🎲😢 PRNG dice support group — and ranting

    I don’t complain about dice!. I’m reporting that the dice in Online AA are not random and have deliberate tendencies regardless of who or what says otherwise. Their is something weird about the results with too many 5-6 getting rolled . Ive had like 15 units of air and land all roll 5-6 and no hits. Then the defender misses with 5-6 results. Then in the next round, i hit him to oblivion. Then of course he hits with every unit ( even though he’s rolling 1-2, and i got many 3-4 hitters). My overwhelming force should have wiped him off in 1st round, but no. The IPC loses on both sides are usually the same even though i got such a larger force. This is one of a few tendencies i notice.

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  • RE: Italian Special Rules/Abilities?
    1. Frogmen- once per game ( or 3 times per game) the Italian player may make one target attack against any ship rolling 8 or less to hit.
    2. Bersaglieri -up to X of these may be built, in combat they have automatic hits ( they were sharpshooter units)
    3. Rommel effect- When German and Italian units are in combat and the German player has armored units, they receive a combat bonus of re rolling X misses.
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  • RE: Feature request: true random dice

    You should actually play the game and watch all the fives and sixes rolled, as well as the “tit for tat” dice behavior where if attacker misses, defender misses and if attacker hits the defender also hits and loses are close to even regardless of attackers advantage. Your looking at how many dice come up 1-6, AND NOT WHAT ACTUALLY COMES UP IN BATTLES, WHICH DEPEND ON THE UNITS PRESENT. In that you may have an equal distribution of numbers, but the units attacking or defending are rolling numbers outside of their predicted hits irrespective of their advantage to cause hits and the weaker side has a greater propensity to cause hits.

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  • RE: What the hell did they do to ruin this game?

    More problems…

    1. You state “pick 1” in the caption and behold some jack picks all three allies and you have no way to boot him or communicate to him. Wonderful… Nice game.
    2. The caption script is too short BTW
    3. Next is the “ranked play” is full of 1 vs. 1 players. AA is a game of teams, just like the real war when factions either didn’t communicate with other as to where they attack or whom. Each nation had its own objectives for its own national interest. The whole point of playing is to react/plan to how other players execute their turns and you interpret whats going on. Its not Terminator Algorithm control of perfect syncopation of three Allied nations performance art. The developers don’t allow anybody to “see” who’s waiting in a game and your stuck playing one guy. Don’t they want multiple games of 4-5 players which make the game more popular, or just 2 people? This is a great mistake IMO.
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