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  • RE: General 6 Stars 1941 Global War Game

    This is a game report from Saturdays game were the allies won.

    Germany went a different route this game and was going south and also helping Italy more with German planes taking out the UK Med fleet. Based on reports Germany ended up losing to many figs early in game too probably.
    He lost Finland early but got back and even lost Romania which cost him 11 icps ( oil ) and Mother Russia got that gain for a turn which is very nice for them. SO more resources have to go back and recover those areas.
    Germany also got spanked a bit going after the 2 UK fleets around London turn 1 and put a damper on things also there.

    US did operation Torch again and took Morocco and Gib. But with no UK fleet in Med they ended up going to Western France next turn. Italy ended up making some decent money to help Germany a bit but just to much loses to recover.
    Germany did try a desperation last ditch effort to do sea lion but failed.

    Pacific side japan started out good and got money islands for more income and then US had to do something and boldly moved ALL his naval fleet into the middle of Dutch islands of Sumatra, Borneo.

    Did take back those islands along with Singapore. On Japans next turn he moved all his fleet to attack with planes that US fleet. Did kill all ships but US naval planes retreated to Java.
    Then for the next 3 turns just bought Fast Carriers so his planes had a place to land and pushed into Asia coast and could of taken Hong Kong but based on axis victory points didn’t need to yet.

    I’ll post 2 pics of game on last turn of game.

    There will be some tweaks to setup based on Japan has so much to do and can’t do it and need to delay the US kind a some on first turn.

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  • RE: General 6 Stars 1941 Global War Game

    Ya it would be cool if you came to US.
    As I mentioned before I’m only 30 mins from Milwaukee and 60 mins from Chicago.

    Plus barnee only 5-6 hours away from me.

    Plenty of motels 2 miles away on 94 interstate hwy.

    Allies won the game. Germany tried a different route and got spanked a bit and mother russia showed up with her bears !

    The long range desert rats was a nice piece to have as far as a small threat from the desert and a nice piece to have as a first strike unit alone or with own troops based on it can pick the kill shot. Also it has a chance to damage a airbase in Tobruk on turn 1 or later if Italy doesn’t leave enough troops there.
    Based on history both sides had major AB in Tobruk anyway.

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  • RE: Can't post to threads sometimes...

    Just happened to me. I think you have to click on the done button then you can post. I wasn’t paying attention so I was just clicking on buttons.
    It only happens to me when I want to post a pic sometimes.

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  • RE: General 6 Stars 1941 Global War Game

    Heres the vid for yesterday’s game. Report later today or morning.

    Some Generals


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  • RE: Possible New A&A Game

    @ryandascienti said in Possible New A&A Game:

    The map is pretty much done. I’ll link a pdf image today. Still missing some minor alterations.

    Does anyone know how to do graphic design? I need someone to design the artwork/layout of my rulebook I am currently writing. Currently I just have it on a google doc, which I can share with whomever willing to help!

    I have listed a full list of new additions to the game rules that I hope everyone finds interesting: Thoughts?

    Bombing + Recon Phase
    Trading Phase
    Russian Guard Infantry
    Waffen SS separate from the Heer (Army)
    Emergency Red Army Conscription
    Japanese Banzi Attack
    American Elite Marines
    British Commandos
    German Occupation of Italy
    Joint Allied Amphibious Assult
    Physical Convoys
    Convoy rule overhaul
    Supplies and provisions
    aircraft factory
    arms factory
    munitions factory
    enter able cities
    shipyards, ports, docks, airbases
    organization of army into divisions and regiment sized units
    militia rule overhaul
    oil refinery
    mine warfare
    fortification rule overhaul
    replacement of all G40 combat rules with custom tactical combat game play
    Blitzkreg overhaul
    strategic bombing overhaul
    economic variance/risk implementation
    surprise attacks
    diplomatic options
    spy networks
    naval unit research
    nuclear option

    Have to see the rules for these before any comments

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  • RE: General 6 Stars 1941 Global War Game

    Got a game this Saturday Jan. 15 at 8 am central time and will be live streamed on twitch. Type in ssgen69.

    Will be testing the Long Range Desert Rats with 2 units starting in Egypt.
    Only unit that can go in and out of Sahara desert.

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  • RE: Global 1943 House Rules Expansion

    Just saying Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Celebes all changed in Ver. 4.

    OK Later. SS Gen out ( General 6 stars).

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  • RE: Global 1943 House Rules Expansion

    @victoryfirst said in Global 1943 House Rules Expansion:

    @the-captain Are there more territories that have a changed IPC value? I know Siredblood has a map where Ukraine is worth +1 as well, but Soviet Far East is worth -1. I had a lot of trouble because every time I thought I found the map I was looking for, it was a bit different from OOB. I would love to buy such a gorgeous looking map, but nobody doesn’t respond and I don’t even know the map I am looking for exists.

    What version of map you looking for ?

    Version 1 has Celebes worth 4. Version 2 has Celebes worth 3. Version 3 has Celebes worth 3.
    Version 4 has Celebes worth 2.

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  • RE: General 6 Stars 1941 Global War Game


    “Yo ! We hittin that SPA ? !!! Or Rommel” ? !

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  • RE: General 6 Stars 1941 Global War Game

    @imperious-leader said in General 6 Stars 1941 Global War Game:

    @general-6-stars Bull. Long Range Desert Group is real

    I’m talking about Americans.

    According to UK reports the USA didn’t have rat patrols. Unless u got a document showing they did I’ll look into it.

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