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  • RE: SS GEN's 1941 Global War Game


    Different camera setup for Sat game

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  • RE: Global 40 Objective for Normandy

    Ya. Mostly. We talk back and forth on some stuff and my game and then he maybe try’s it in his play testing and or tweaks it to d6 and plays it if I’m correct. He has many idea tests himself.

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  • RE: State of the Onion G40 2019

    For what its worth this is my LL chart d12 for my game. We have been playing with LL now for awhile and the chart or pieces are a bit to weak and not getting to Moscow fast enough based on my game starting in Dec 1941. Germany pretty much attacks Moscow on T5 before winter season T6 ( all Inf D5 ). So when we had Art in the LL chart it doesn’t make it to Moscow in time if it goes into Persia. Archangel is another landing spot but is captured by Germany by T4. So what we have done to LL chart now is give Russia a better chance at tanks and figs which they had plenty of later in war and now instead of Persia Iran the landing spot we moved it to Caucasus. Now at least the 3 of the 2 move ground pieces can get to Moscow before its attacked.
    But if Axis Captures Caucasus then the landing spot is Georgia and if that is captured to then Tehran is the landing spot.
    But remember if Tehran, Iran or Persia what ever you have in game and are captured you cannot land LL pieces there or if axis ships off coast.
    So whats the ave to defend Moscow is like 5-6 figs in my game and the same for G40 ? Plus my planes in game can kill planes in every round of battle. So if Russia has more figs when Ger attacks Moscow getting that extra plane kill or 2 may benefit them but then it goes the other way too. Hey if Moscow is not attacked then they have a chance to counter Leningrad or Stalingrad and deny the axis win. Most if not all games Moscow falls. I’m making it where Moscow can fall but forcing Ger to go all out plus now Russia can contest Stalingrad late in war like they should be able to or go after Leningrad. Depends on how weak Ger is on one of there fronts. But will this take sea lion off the table now ? Thats where a few extra Ger subs in the Atlantic on setup help delay the invasion. A ton of stuff to play with.
    In the mean time between Russia’s turn the time frame represents the LL pieces landing in Persia or Iran are traveling by truck, railroads & Ships. SO it makes sense in my game to have LL pieces in Caucasus.
    Granted G40 starts sooner so you would need to figure out the Middle East landing spot so pieces can at least get to Moscow before Germany attacks on T4 or T5 the normal I believe. Now with those extra UK Anzac figs not having to go to Moscow and now can defend the Middle East or Calcutta or Persia IC more and force Axis to try and shut down the LL in Persia. Plus if Russia gets a few figs right away they have a chance to send up interceptors when Ger wants to keep bombing. Another thing to consider is does Russia even have enough Figs in setup in the first place. Or they buy 1 or 2 now and can counter or with LL figs.
    Just saying the Med and Middle East has more action and besides in my game Axis get a 1 victory bonus point if they control the 4 oil derricks in the Middle East with no damage. One key is give the Italians a bit of a chance to do something. ( maybe UK cannot attack italy T1 ) Now the Italian can openers need to go to Middle East ? Ha Ha play test time !!! lol
    And yes we have Tankograd in game also. Build 2 T-34s for 4 icps per turn and can only build tanks there. IC cannot move.
    Anyway these are ideas and they have been tested in many games.
    LL Chart D12

    1. Fig : Arch Caucasus Georgia Tehran
    2. Tank : A C G T
    3. Mech : A C G T SFE
    4. Kay Rockets : A C G T SFE
    5. Tank : A C G T
    6. Fig : A C G T
    7. Mech : A C G T SFE
    8. Tank : A C G T
    9. Kay Rockets : A C G T SFE
    10. Mech : A C G T SFE
    11. Tank : A C G T
    12. Fig : A C G T

    This chart will be tested Falling Sat Feb 8th and will be live streamed.
    Anyway Crockett just some ideas here. Russia should be able also to move 2 pieces 2 spaces in Siberia for the Railroad but another topic with Mongola being Pro Russia.

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  • RE: British attack on Belgium

    @GeneralHandGrenade said in British attack on Belgium:
    There will always be a video…except if there are zombies involved.


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  • RE: Global 40 Objective for Normandy

    Barnee, is this thread about a NO for controlling Normandy or If Paris is Liberated ?
    Is crockett saying if US controls Normandy they receive 10 icps for Normandy NO ?
    This has potential. But for me a NO should have resources on territories.
    I’m assuming Normandy has a IC, air and naval bases ? It also supplied grain.

    I’m assuming the IC in Normandy is not destroyed on any capture.
    France does not collect income for the territories they or allies own once Paris is liberated ?
    I always felt a captured minor IC should be destroyed and a major reduced to a minor IC but can’t be upgraded unless its
    a Capital that has been liberated only.
    We have one time once Paris is liberated it gets 4 inf, 1 Minor IC and collects income for territories it still owns, allies own and
    any Vichy territories with no ground troops. ( left empty )
    When you take Paris back make sure you can hold it. It should be that way.

    Crockett said Russia needs more men. Ha we don’t want to go there.
    Here I would make it no allies aloud in Russia period and give Russia lend lease with chart and now you drop the bid and
    those UK Anzac figs that need to go to Moscow to hold can be used else where. Ideas

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  • RE: SS GEN's 1941 Global War Game


    Game was cancelled Sat due to snow but did a small live stream test video training a new guy to game 1 turn on Europe side only.
    Above is the video

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  • RE: "Operation Lifeboat" !!!!


    Here’s a sample video

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  • RE: "Operation Lifeboat" !!!!

    If anybody’s interested in watching a sample live stream video I made today training a new guy on Europe side only but whole map with setup is there. Go to twitch tv type in ssgen69
    Recorded video there. Post back comments

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  • RE: "Operation Lifeboat" !!!!

    Wasn’t that bad. But not my call.

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  • RE: "Operation Lifeboat" !!!!

    Game is cancelled due to snow. Be another game in a few weeks.

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