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    😄 😄 bahahaha  😄 :-D, I love it!

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    Marc: listen to the radio all you like. You will never find a bridge across the Rhine….or maybe you will.
    War will be won or lost  in the East though.

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    I have it on good authority that what you say about the importance Eastern Front is correct.  Last night after chow, the boys in our company got shown a US Army information film and it quoted General MacArthur as saying “the scale and grandeur of the Russian effort mark it as the greatest military achivement in history.”

    Now, I’ll return to the crossword puzzle I’m doing in my copy of Stars and Stripes. Let’s see…“town on west bank of Rhine, seven letters”…R-E-M-


    Whoa! Was that an '88?  Hey, did any of you guys know those Panthers could shoot so darn far?

  • I do notice no one said sherman

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    I am all for a Konigsberg battle. Heersgruppe Nord and German � Prussia cannot be left to the ungodly and unwashed Ivan.

    Excellent! They were talking of Moscow and the Volga, and now we have already crossed their own borders. This must be part of the grand strategy of Generalfeldmarschall Von Manstein, which was recently summarized on the cover of a magazine published by our capitalist American allies:

    “Retreat may be subtle, but victory lies in the other direction”


    We will hold them off until our glorious Kriegsmarine can evacuate every true German. None shall be violated while I command my Jagdpanzer!

    We’ll be glad to be of assistance in the evacuation of the German population from the area. We’ll provide compelling incentives wherever necessary. After everybody has left, we’ll add the area to the Soviet Union. Let’s see…. it’s about time for comrade Kalinin to have a town named after him. Oh, wait, he already has two?
    Anyway, we’ll blow up that castle, which is a symbol of bourgeois oppression of the workers and peasants. And build a magnificent Soviet palace on top of it which we’ll never finish because nobody really needs it.

  • To bad you forgot your winter clothes.

    Hey did you guys see the stand up Eddie Izzard? His an English comedian that does a part of his show on the WW2 makes alot of fun of hitler. if not check it out


  • I spoke of a coworker of my father back during the war that had two Sherman tanks shot out from underneath him.

    His name Ray Webb, during the Bulge, encounter a Tiger and lost his tank. His second tank was lost to an antitank gun ambush.

    He spoke of the Tiger tank, saying he was scared of encounter.

  • wow thats rough. Glad to hear he survived the encounter but man, talk about bad luck. getting two tanks shot out

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    Count me in with my Sturmtiger! That will help destroying any positions like our own Seelow Heights. I’m sure our accompanying infantry (all in half tracks) will like me in urban warfare. An associate of mine has chosen a Tiger 2. So much power and strength! We can hardly lose with king.

    As for the original question, I would choose a German tank that was sent to Norway after the invasion, and stayed there for the whole war. I would destroy it to make it look like the resistance destroyed it, and then I would hide and make a new life in the US or UK.

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