when do you collect IPC when conquering a territory

  • I’m new to the forum (not to A&A) but I have a noob question. The way the rulebook reads about taking territories, when you take a territory you immediately gain those IPC’s and mark them on the IPC track. Does the opposing player also immediately lose those IPC’s? Ex: Japan goes before China. If Japan were to take the 4 territories adjacent to them on the first turn, would China lose those 4 IPC’s and then only have 8 IPC to start their turn, 12-4=8 IPC for the lost territories taken during Japan’s turn?

  • @RedRyder01 The national production is not necessarily the same as the available IPCs a power has. In the scenario you provided Japan does not take any IPCs from the Chinese player, but rather their production ability. Japan will collect an additional 4 from the “bank” on their collect income phase. China will still start their turn with 12 IPCs, but in their collect income phase they will receive 8 IPCs assuming they did not take any territories back. I hope that helps.

  • @M36 Thanks for responding. That’s the way I’ve always played it, but paragraph 3 of step 7. Conclude Combat in the General Combat rules section reads as follows: “If you have captured the territory, place your control marker on the territory and adjust the national production levels. Your national production increases by the value of the captured territory; the loser’s production decreases by the same amount.” This is out of the Europe and pacific 1940 rule book. It reads like you would make the adjustment at the conclusion of combat. I could be reading too much into it, but it would make a big difference in game play.

  • @RedRyder01 Yeah I think you’re over complicating things a bit. Just remember that national production does not equal cash in hand. The reason collect income is at the end of a powers turn is so that you have that opportunity to recover losses or improve your position.

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    M36 has it correct. You are confusing production with cash in hand. You collect IPC (production) at the end of the turn and it then is cash in hand. Which only from that point on can be changed by strategic bombing or convoy raiding to take away cash on hand.

    So yes phase 3.7 you adjust production. Then phase six you collect income which is then cash on hand.

    Technically meaning two people collected income for the same territory. But in no way takes the money from China they already collected.

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    That comment is only if you use the income tracking strip, which is a live tracking of the player’s incomes.

    Because its easy to forget to update the strip (it moves in 2 directions at once and more in AAZ), we usually count income during the COLLECT INCOME phase and forget about the income strip–updating it is just a confusing waste of time because it can introduce error.

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    @thenorthman said in when do you collect IPC when conquering a territory:

    Which only from that point on can be changed by strategic bombing or convoy raiding to take away cash on hand.

    Strategic Bombing does not take away cash (as it did for example in Revised). It damages facilities. The owner can choose to repair damage on his Purchase Units and Repair phase.
    Technically convoy raiding does not take away cash on hand either, as the losses are determined before income is granted.

  • Thanks for clarifying. So in previous versions of AA the on board tracking chart represented IPC. In Global AA it only represents the National Production, not IPC’s. So it would be adjusted for gain/loss of territory only. You would not use it for tracking additional income like bonus income, convoy losses, or NO’s. That is tracked on the worksheet in the back of the rule book. After 35 years of playing this game I’m still learning new stuff. Thanks again.

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    @RedRyder01 Not to quibble sir, but I believe it was always meant to represent current income, not IPC on hand–that’s what the cash notes are for.

    I suggest avoiding the tracker, the cash, all of it–keep track on a piece of paper or chart its much less messy and prone to error.

    The new AAZ game makes that a bit more difficult because you earn money during your turn (for killing zombies and such).

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