Territory Re-Capture (UK - Italy - UK - Germany or Italy?)

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    I suspect this has been covered but I could not find.


    1. Italy captures Egypt from the UK and collects IPC/$ each turn
    2. UK re-captures Egypt from Italy reverting it to UK original control
    3. Germany captures Egypt from the UK

    Does Egypt revert back to Italian control since they were the first/“original” to capture it or does Germany now control it and collect the IPC/$?

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    The territory is now German.

    Only originally owned territories are liberated by their conquerors. If instead of the UK capturing Egypt it was the US, the US would have liberated Egypt and returned it to UK control. Because Italy did not originally own Egypt, when Germany conquers the territory it is now a German territory.


  • This is an issue I wish the game by vanilla would just let you turn over control of territory to your allies as this happened a lot between Germany and Italy. I have allowed enemies forces to capture a territory just so I can turn it over to another.

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