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  • RE: Rules clarification on captureing major industrial complexes.

    @clifford Welcome to the forum 🙂

    This is indeed explicitly stated in the rulebooks, see

    Page 20, Europe 1940.2:

    “Any industrial complex, air base, and/or naval base
    located in the captured territory is now controlled by your
    side (see “Liberating a Territory,” on the next page). If
    you capture an industrial complex, you can’t mobilize
    new units there until your next turn. If you capture a
    major industrial complex, it is immediately downgraded
    to a minor one.
    If you capture an air base or naval base,
    you can’t use the added flight or sea movement or receive
    repairs until your next turn.”

    HTH 🙂

    I have moved your questions to the appropriate forum category, as we have dedicated categories for every edition.

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  • RE: Anniversary Errata Optional Rule: Escorts and Interceptors

    @gen-manstein Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

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  • RE: Anniversary Errata Optional Rule: Escorts and Interceptors

    @cernel Since my name was “dropped”, I’ll respond to this.

    You are correct. The original question (which @Panther answered correctly) only asked whether or not escort fighters were included in AA fire. Apparently @The_Good_Captain extended that answer to cover how AA fire is conducted incorrectly. Per the rules on page 25 of the Rulebook, when there’s a mix of fighters and bombers involved, each group is rolled for separately.

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  • RE: Global 2nd edition Q+A ( AAG40.2)

    @tin-can-of-the-sea said :

    This hasn’t been used in a while but I heard this rule in a different forum and wanted corrections.

    You have somehow dug out an outdated thread that had not been in use for more than eight years (actually the old FAQ thread of 1940 first edition). I have moved your question and the answers to the FAQ-Thread currently in use for Global 1940 Second Edition.

    This topic is stickied at the very first page of the Global 1940-category.

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  • RE: League General Discussion Thread

    Guys, I’m thinking about resigning as league moderator and scoreboard operator. I don’t want to leave you in the middle of a year so intend to finish this year out and set up playoffs and everything, but maybe somebody should come alongside me and learn some of the ropes, or maybe you guys have an idea of another direction to take all this.

    Contributing to this decision is that I did have my first manic and depressive episodes this year since 2005 (still pretty depressed - trying to get the right meds) but I wanted to get out anyway, since I haven’t found the time to play any league games myself.

    I intend to help make a smooth transition if someone else is eager to moderate and score games (maybe a team) - I’d been doing everything with no partner for years now (Although having a partner can mean more work if they have differing ideas than you)

    Please think about it - sorry - I guess this day had to come sooner or later. Thanks for understanding


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