• There are several useful purchases that 14 IPC’s allows, many of which I use quite often ~~~~

    The Pain-in-the-ass:

    1 transport, 1 inf, 1 art. When mastered by Naval Nations like Britain, America, Anzac, or especially JAPAN, small but effective amphib attacks can be launched, picking off lightly defended regions or occupying empty regions, which in both cases requires a recapture by enemy forces

    The Eastern Front Shuck:

    2 mech, 1 armor. When mastered by the land heavy powers like Germany or the USSR (even Italy), the combination of these fast moving units can move quickly to the front lines, either helping with an assault or beefing up defense

    The Efficient, Fodder, But Resourceful Task Force:

    2 inf, 2 art. Used by land powers with less terrain to cover, like a Med only Italy, UK (Atl. & Pac.), or China, this cheap buy provides numerous units with a moderate attack power that can help bust through an enemy stronghold, then be able to defend it with just as much power. They also help with casualty selection, keeping your air and mobile forces alive

    The Pirates:

    1 sub, 1 destroyer. The 2 combined have a solid attack value, especially against convoy zones. Subs alone are poor defensively, so this way your raiding parties stay alive longer, and require more units to take

  • '19 '17 '16

    There’s two things I think a bid should always be used for:
    1 art in Kweichow - if you hit in Hunan J1, you can take down a good portion of the Japanese ground troops on counter attack
    1 sub in SZ98 (the Med) or is it SZ99?

    Others are mostly nice to have - 1art in Alexandria helps the the Tobruk crush, 1art in Sudan helps the Ethiopia crush. An art in Karelia helps the Finish push. 1inf in New Guinea helps to gain the NO.

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