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    Welcome to the 2014 Axis & Allies.org support drive. This support drive will end on December 31, 2014 and the next one will begin on January 1, 2015.

    These funds will go towards the following:

    • Server hosting

    • Server backup

    • Domain registration

    • DNS hosting

    • Promotional material

    • Running events (maybe)

    • More disk space for TripleA games

    • Akismet anti-spam subscription

    • Migration of the forum software - should reduce spam (2014)

    • Development of a plugin for dice rolling on the new forum (2014)

    • LLC (limited liability company) taxes and upkeep

      • Taxes
      • Tax software
    • Website design (one or more of the following)

      • Adobe software

      • Premium themes

      • Web designer

    • Time - donations will be used for infrastructure only.

    There will be three support levels available. When you donate, you will receive a special badge on your profile.

    Gold Patron - $50
     Silver Patron - $25
     Bronze Patron - $10

    Note:  For 2014, the tank on the badge is the WWI Tank.

    To donate, just click on the “Buy Now” PayPal button on the right of your screen.

    In order to get your badge, be sure to include your email when you purchase your support level. Next, send me an email with your Axis & Allies.org username so that I can give you the badge. david [dot] jensen {at} axisandallies (dot) org


    Just like last time, participants will be listed here. If you get your badge and are not listed, it likely means I forgot so just send me a friendly reminder.

    Amount raised: $1420 (minus $5.75)
    Number of 2014 patrons: 43
    (last update December 27, 2014)

    Gold Patrons
    ArtofWar1947 (Jan. 12)
    P@nther (Jan. 12)
    Imperious Leader (Jan. 12)
    CWO Marc (Jan. 13)
    JWW (Jan. 13)
    Tall Paul (Jan. 13)
    Der Kuenstler (Jan. 14)
    Rasmustb (Jan. 14)
    SS (Jan. 14)
    Boldfresh (Jan. 15)
    UnknownSoldier (Jan. 18)
    userx (Jan. 19)
    variance (Jan. 19)
    FieldMarshalGames (Jan. 24)
    JDOW (Feb. 4)
    KyushuAA (Feb. 24)
    Jon von Neumann (Feb. 25)
    dawgoneit (Feb. 27)
    wittmann (Mar. 2)
    Karl7 (Mar. 26)
    Trajan01 (Apr. 7)
    Most Holy (Jun. 9)
    cyanight (Aug. 5)
    Black_Elk (Aug. 18)
    DutchmanD (Nov. 12)

    Silver Patrons
    vacilar (Jan. 17)
    ossel (Apr. 2)
    cb4 (Jul. 18)
    Me1945 (Jul. 31)
    craykirk (Nov. 12)
    Larry F (Dec. 18)

    Bronze Patrons
    hkytown1 (Jan. 16)
    jluna1273 (Jan. 26)
    tryon (Feb. 7)
    protevangelium (Mar. 22)
    todd5588 (Jun. 9)
    Johnson73 (Jun. 21)
    JeffM (Sep. 29)
    pfc_pander (Oct. 17)
    Obieone (Nov. 10)
    wartorn (Dec. 9)
    DizzKneeLand33 (Dec. 16)
    Tigerman77 (Dec. 27)

    • fmgc just means they made the support donation in person at FMGC12. It’s just a note for me for later.
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    I buy my badges like I buy my Christmas gifts…. last minute.

  • 2021 2020 '19 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12 Official Q&A Moderator TripleA


    I buy my badges like I buy my Christmas gifts…. last minute.

    Good for me… so it looks like I’m again the first.

    I bought the golden badge minutes ago.

    Thank you, djensen, for your continuous great service  🙂

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    me too

  • Customizer


    ––I’m more than happy to put my “2 cents” in the pot.  😄

    ----I get so much information, inspiration, and freindly advice from this wonderful forum! Thanks!

    “Tall Paul”

  • '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12

    I’m glad to contribute as well.  I had to keep my bronze badges going…I guess that’s better then nothing.  Most of my forum time is spent over at the Axis and Allies Miniatures forum.  Although I do stop by here at least once a week to check on you guys and the latest news/info/brawls.

    Keep up the good work gents.

  • '10

    Very happy to support and I LOVE the new badge!!


  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Wow, thanks everybody, this is a record year for sponsorships and we’re only in August. In 2013 and 2013 there were 30 Patrons and so far this year, there are 34!


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