• Why is there no forum for this version?  It is heavily played here in Denmark (nobody owns classic, ive never seen revised, lots of people tho are buying the newer europe and pacific versions…)

    It would be nice if there was a forum for this immensely popular version as well.  Its a pain when reading through strategies to have to take into account the many rules changes between classic and revised.Â

    Also, does anybody have a link to Don Rae’s advanced tactics for the axis essay?  I have his website, but the third part for axis tactics (where he outlines his use of the so-called ‘hardcore’ axis purchase, is NOT in there. It should be the third part of the third essay, but there are only two parts posted there.  I dont think he is the god of A&A or anything, but he has some good fundamental ideas and I was curious where he was going with his so called hardcore build.

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    We do.  🙂

    We just call it “Axis and Allies”.
    This forum includes both 2nd edition and 3rd (the hasbro 1998 CD version).

    The term “classic”, at least on this board, refers to either 2nd or 3rd edition.

    But you’ll find the discussion here:


  • oh bummer. Cuz for the most part, all I found were topics with things that were definitely 3rd and not 2nd (there is a HUGE difference).  It makes it hard to differentiate between the whole lot.  Why not just make two forums?  I mean, its not like virtual space is that hard to assign.

    Anyhow, that is my only advice for improving this forum. Actually differentiate between different versions, cuz there’s a difference and it would be OH so easy to do.

  • Almost NONE of the discussions relate to the CD-Rom.  Most of it is straight 2nd Ed. Milton Bradley.

  • 2007 AAR League

    What are the differences between 3rd and 2nd Editions?

  • what happened to 1st edition?

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    What are the differences between 3rd and 2nd Editions?

    If you are familiar with the 1998 CD version, that is the start of 3rd edition (or had 3rd edition options).

    Some changes are, submerging retreating subs, air units can retreat from amphib assualts, Wcan no longer boarders the Atlantic.

    2 hit BBs were introduced, although I think that was just and extra option.
    Always active AA’s, I think just another option.


    what happened to 1st edition?

    I’m not too familiar with 1st edition, it was before my time.  I started playing in the mid 80’s and it was already 2nd edition.

    From my understanding 1st edition had some different multinational rules (possibly attacking) and new IC’s had no production cap.  So a common strat would be UK build and IC on Per and just strat pumping out units.

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