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  • RE: 🎁 20th Anniversary Give Away

    In terms of timing, I’ll post the winners between Thursday and Friday, weekly starting Oct. 1, 2020.

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  • RE: Season 3 Launch: Patch Notes + Development Letter

    Also, not naming names but there’s blame to be assigned all around here. Some folks are coming off as big jerks, some as small jerks, some as know-it-all jerks, some as being confusing in general (which can lead to jerk-ish reactions).

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  • RE: Season 3 Launch: Patch Notes + Development Letter

    Folks, when you create tension and conflict that requires my intervention to figure out the whole thing, it upsets me. I don’t have this to be a babysitter. It’s also detrimental to the community. When a new users comes along and sees a forum with such animosity, they don’t stick around.

    Are there good aspects to this conversation? Yes. Are there parts where people are being jerks? Yes. Do I have time and bandwidth to sort it out? No. Instead of reading through this mess, should I be working on improving the site or playing some A&A myself? Yes.

    Maybe it’s not all that bad but holy crap, I have to set aside an hour of reading to figure it out? 😠

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  • RE: 🎁 20th Anniversary Give Away

    If our sponsors would like to participate, please send me a direct message.

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  • 🙋‍♂️ Yup, I'm Still Around

    Haven’t posted in while? Been lurking but haven’t had much to say? Feel free to post here to let people know you’re still around.

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  • 🎁 20th Anniversary Give Away

    As of January 1, 2020, this website has been around for 20 years! Because 2020 has been a crappy year we haven’t been able to celebrate in person at all. However, we’re still going to do something. I have a cache of Axis & Allies related items to give away.

    Starting this week and continuing weekly until all the prizes are gone, I’ll choose 1 or more winners. Each winner will have 7 days to respond or give up their prize. Each winner will be able to select what they want from the list of prizes. If you choose not receive a prize, your name will be listed as a winner who donated their prize back to the community. I’ll do my best to include Europe and the rest of the world but shipping can get expensive.

    To participate all you have to do it participate on the forums. Just do one or more of these:

    • Post something anywhere within 21 days of prize selection day (this will get expanded when I figure out how to get posts older than 21 days)
    • Post something in one or more areas in the four suggestions below, since June 6.
    • Be a 2020 patron

    Please don’t be spammy. If you don’t know what to post, here are some suggestions:

    Prizes (US and maybe Canada)

    Provided by Wizards of the Coast

    • Axis & Allies & Zombies x2

    Provided by Historical Board Gaming

    • Prize Pack One x5
      • Italian units from Field Marshal Games. Some of the tanks have turrets that move!
      • American units from HBG
      • IPCs, paper
    • Prize Pack Two
      • 5 different packs of roundels from HBG
      • IPCs, paper
      • Roundel coasters

    Provided by Axis & Allies .org

    • Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition
    • Planes and Pilots Volume 1: The Messerschmitt Me109 book
    • Planes and Pilots Volume 5: The P-51 Mustang book
    • T-Shirts x5

    More prize to come

    Prizes (US and maybe Canada)

    • To Be Determined

    more details to come

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