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    @Flakeighty8 said in Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current):

    Hi everyone. My name is JA, based in Houston and I have been a long time fan of A&A since it was released in 1984. I have a few games of the series: 1941, Europe, Pacific, Zombies, Anniversary and both 1940 editions.
    Taking advantage of the pandemic, I have been able to spend a few hours with my sons and play A&A … now they are big fans too.
    I must admit that I didn’t know how many A&A fans are out there but now reading all these introductory notes is amazing to see how many people is actively enjoying these games with family and friends.

    Hey! Welcome JA! I have been a long time without logging to the forum during that time I moved from Spain to Houston last year! I have not had time to play lately, but love this game like you since 1984 was released. I played a lot online here the last 4 seasons and had great fun! enjoy!


  • I currently reside in Dallas.
    Many years ago I’ve played the classic version. I am currently getting acquainted with and practicing the Revised version with a fellow gamer (familiar with other board games).
    We have been playing unfinished games on weekly basis, because he will only play for an evening of one night, in a public setting, before calling it quits as it gets to late (technically “early”, as it [technically] becomes morning once it becomes midnight) for him to continue.
    I have not used any customization and/or house rules. Although, perhaps I will, at some point…eventually.

  • Hi, my name is Daniel, I am from San Diego, California, I started off playing the original risk and moved on to Europe, then 1942, then 1940 Global, then now GW 1936. I have loved every step of the way and love to create my own rules to help balance and add new ideas and fronts, (I did this for Africa in 1940, making Africa another major front as I felt not enough happened) and I loved it, I love the balance aspect of these games, and changing them up to make it more exciting for every power. I wish to also add my own changes to 1936 after getting to know the game’s rules better and having more experience, I also wish to share these changes and gain feedback. I try to play as much as possible with a small group of friends, however, due to recent world events, it has been a struggle. Im very glad I found this community, and I hope to connect to others who enjoy this as well.

  • If you don’t mind sharing, what changes did you make to 1940 concerning the African front? I need something new to spice up my games.

  • @LtWinters I will have to find where I wrote it down, when I do I will let you know, but the basic concept is giving Italy a stronger foothold in Africa by putting a minor factory in Ethiopia, and adding some extra units as well, I also added a little bit of uk units, mostly infantry, and added more French units as well, I also removed the Sharia desert allowing units to move through it, although less realistic, it made the African front much more fun and exciting, France has something to do after dying turn 1, Italy has a better chance to secure more land, and the UK now has a third front, although stressful, the UK became my favorite power to play, I also added a little buff to the Italian Navy to increase Italy’s starting power. This also came with some other changes as well that are not necessary, every other change beyond the Africa ones are much more experimental, as right after our first game with them, we went towards 1936, however, I could go back and fix them if you wanted to. I also will get back to you on the 1940 changes.

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    @IDK-ANYMORE Welcome to the forum. 🙂

    I also will get back to you on the 1940 changes.

    Please share your Global house rules in our House Rules Category - so we can leave this topic exclusively for player’s introduction.

    Thank you.

  • @Panther Ok, thanks for letting me know

  • My name is Reed and I’m from the Seattle area of Washington State. I’m 59 years old and just bought my first edition of A&A, 1942 2nd ed. I’ve practiced setting the game up a half dozen times and played one game with my son and another player. Great fun already and we are total newbs! Look forward to many games and we might even upgrade to Global40 at some time in the next year if the game sticks with our little group and we can find a few other players. Would love to find fellow players in our area to learn and play with. I’m sure that there are many but finding them is problematic.
    My family are big board game people. I grew up playing all the traditional board games and got my kids into them as soon as they were able to play. Two of my favorites were always Stratego and Risk. Many games of two board house rules Risk were fought over as kids! Unfortunately A&A classic came out to late for me to get into as I was just starting to work in the field of heavy mechanics. Then came marriage and kids. Now that I have the time I decided to finally learn this great game.
    As Young Grasshopper says: may all your rolls be ones!

  • @Reeds253 welcome to the club Reed. As you play you will start to notice strategies between your friends and opponents that are hard to beat and that is when you will migrate to AA1940 because it opens up different strategies and possibilities not possible in AA second edition. Enjoy your time with a fantastic game. If you have any questions about this game you will find your answers here.

  • If all your opponents are on line, 1940 is not an option. On the other hand, you’ll see a different strategy from a different opponent almost every game!

  • Hey there everybody! My name is Will, I’m from southern Idaho. I started playing Axis & Allies with miniatures when they were first introduced. It wasn’t until the last few years that I got into A&A 1941 and Anniversary (Second Edition). I just recently acquired Global 40 (Second Edition) this summer. A friend and I set up global right away and we haven’t even tried Europe or Pacific separately yet! Additionally, on steam, I just got ‘42 online to stay connected with some friends a couple of states away.

    I really enjoy playing and look forward to many adventures in A&A!

  • @Billbob Hellllllooooo Billybob. Welcome to the club. Once you go global very hard to go Europe or Pacific. It’s just too damn fun. Plenty of info here and many members who have decades of experience in this game. So if you have any questions just ask away. Enjoy a great game.

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