• 2023

    Hi, my name is Jack. I am new to this site. I have played 50th Anniversary Axis and Allies, Axis and Allies original and various versions of “The Wargame” by Jeffery Stein. I loved that board so much that I started making minor changes to rules, which lead to major changes, which lead to frustration. I gave up and spent 2 years writing and rewriting rules, which lead to playtests, which lead to another year of writing and rewriting. Finally in 2019, my friends and I played a great game that everyone enjoyed. (The Allies won when Japan fell. Germany was still kicking A__.) Then Covid happened, then politics happened, and life happened.
    I am looking for face to face games within an hour, perhaps more of Richmond Virginia. I am also looking for online opponents of Global 1940 2nd edition.
    I love the scale of Axis and Allies, the simplicity of it’s combat and unit production. I have also played Squad Leader, Terrible Swift Sword, Panzer Blitz and a bunch of other stuff. I am working to get up to speed on Global 1940 as it is the most similar to what I was playing.

  • Hi @Draginfut here are some excellent house rules for the Global 40 game that I think you’ll enjoy.


  • 2023

    @barnee Thanks I will look into it.

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