• Hello y’all! Still here wishing to find people to play axis and allies with. First got the original game back in 1998 at Toys R Us! Been in the military since 01 and my board game has travelled to Japan and Korea with me! Can’t wait to retire so I can finally have a stable spot to play my games at!

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    Thanks for stopping by! Are you still playing the version you bought way back when or have you moved to one of the more recent varieties?


  • @Midnight_Reaper I still have the original board game with maybe 2 more copies combined in there! Dust it off when my parents come to visit me when they are n town. Have you played the Guadalcanal version or D-Day? I’ve seen them but haven’t played them yet! Thanks for caring Midnight_Reaper!

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    @Brownjigga36 My most played version is the same as yours, the old Milton Bradley copy. While it’s a long story about how the ole’ big box isn’t the original version, almost nobody ever played A&A before Milton Bradley made it famous anyways.

    And while I’ve managed to collect all the versions, I’ve only managed to get in plays of A&A 1941 and A&A, 1942, Second Ed, otherwise.

    I hope that no matter which version you play, you have a great time doing so.


  • Welcome here. Yuo can pm me and we can play!

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