Hi everyone! New player from Southern UK!

  • Hi all,
    I suppose ill just repeat every other newbie post by saying Im new to desktop gaming (though what caught my interest was playing the Android versions of Tillerman games).
    Im mostly a WW2 guy, though modern scenarios suit me fine… And I just havent played any Medieval or Civil War (US or English… Or otherwise… No idea what games are out there covering Korean or Japanese ancient conflicts. I bet they exist though!)

    My main interest is the War at Sea, and other than Solitaire games DDay Dice, Do or Die (superb by the way… Probably dont need to tell you guys) Ive actually only acquired 2 games, PSC Games Battle of Britain, which all my chums are scared to Play because it looks too complicated (though Ive read the rule book, having never got to play the game, 3 times or so, and it seems fairly logical!), and I also have my favorite ‘Axis and Allies, War at Sea’. I only have the starter set… So 5 ships each, and sadly the 2 or 3 people I can get to play me dont have the money to increase their fleets to 100 points or thereabouts.

    So Im a Wargame enthusiast with few people to play against. Which Im sure is a common problem. My local major club are a great bunch… But are obsessed with Warhammer 40k (and I had that phase too, so cant complain. Its not even a bad game… But balance seems to be an afterthought and you have to be a VERY good player to play anything other than Space Marines!

    Anyway, im prattling on more than I meant to. Hopefully Ill find some local folk to play maritime warfare games with me (also interested in some of the age of sail games ive seen around) and Im about to buy the full Axis and Allies 1941 and 1942 version2 games… Just in case I can lure people into playing those as well.

    Anyway, glad to be here, I hope I can discover a localish gaming club through here, or just like minded people, and I wish you all the best!

    (oh and PS… I heard whispers there is an android or mobile version of Axis and Allies… Hopefully War at Sea too, but you cant have it all, so if anyone can direct me to those, id be almost as happy as finding a local club that plays games other than 40k!) Oh and Im from Portsmouth in the UK… So any members, Gosport, Fareham or clubs around there… Well id love to add to your numbers!

    Thanks all, sorry for rabbiting on, I promise I dont do that during games!)

  • Hi @gnark1ll and welcome. You might want to contact @Private-Panic or @Witt Idk where at in England they are, but they are there :) They have a group that gets together every 2-3 months i think for a full weekend of Gaming

  • @barnee thanks .
    @Gnark1ll good to hear from you. Glad you joined the forum. As Barnee says , we do have a 3 monthly Sunday gam in Derbyshire (too far for you , I expect ). I live in Hereford and it is a 2 hour drive for me . I live the furthest away of all the guys that attend.
    It is worth contacting Adam (Private Panic). You will find him posting in his Battle of Britain thread. Glad you have a group with whom to play. It is a shame that they won’t play your games though.
    Adam probably has a few names of Southern players .
    Good luck and hope we meet one day.

  • @witt thanks guys.
    Yes Battle of Britain puts people right off! But Axis and Allies War at Sea is nice and nice and simple… And I have DDay do or die thats 1 to 4 players…
    But honestly it seems easier to buy a painted 40k army… As there are 2 shops near me that run games weekly! Nice guys… Its just i played it out when I was about 17. I’m sure its much different now…
    But id like to play Axis and Allies or other ‘real’ setting game!

    Thanks for replies guys ill keep an eye out on the forum. Ill start a game session myself if i can find up to 6 people (thats how many I can accommodate round the dinner table!)

    Anyway, all the best to everyone, and anyone round Gosport and Fareham who want a game… Get in touch! (I even have a couple of games… Though war ar sea could do with some incredibly expensive expansions!

    Cheers all!

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    @gnark1ll Hello and welcome to the forum. @Witt has already mentioned the Battle of Britain, which is a quarterly event open to all A&A players, so just get in touch with me if you want to know more.

    I do have a list of A&A players across the UK and may be able to point you at players more local to you if you wish. Again - just get in touch.

    Adam / Private Panic

    P.S. In case there is some confusion we play A&A 1942, Anniversary and 1914 - not a game called Battle of Britain

  • @private-panic thanks so much for the help guys.
    Ill certainly be in touch with you about war at sea players… But Im willing to buy the land based games as well… Though ships are probably involved in any huge global games.

    Im assuming there is a store for A and A? My box for the starter has Hasbro!.. Wizards… And Gale Force 9, which says makes the maps and miniatures.
    Ive mainly been Ebaying it to be honest… And some of the prices, I suppose for rare ships that come from blind expansion packs, are crazy!

    Anyway the info youve given me has pointed me in the right direction, so thanks a lot! Cant wait to play with people I coerced… Even if they do end up enjoying it!


  • @barnee thanks for the tip… Im going to be all over that! Has to be good practice for when I finally find a group around my area… As Im a total novice, and will probs slow the game down!
    … So thanks for that, heading straight over there!

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