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    I recently learned about Division Azul (Blue Division), Spain’s contribution to the fight against Communism. Long story short, after Germany invaded the USSR, Spain sent a division of volunteers (initially, conscripts later) to the Eastern Front. Their uniforms featured blue shirts, hence the name, though they wore Wehrmacht uniforms outside Spain. Division Azul, which included a fighter squadron, was designated 250th Infantry Division by the Germans. The unit served with distinction against the Soviets, but was withdrawn by Spain when the tide of the war turned in 1943.

    Not that the Germans need more help against the Russian bear, but I thought a house rule to inject a bit of historical flavor might be fun. Here’s my initial idea, though I’m open to suggestions:

    During the non-combat move phase of the German turn in which they declare war on the USSR (or the first German turn following a Soviet DoW on Germany), one infantry unit may begin moving from Spain to the Eastern Front. Movement must be as direct as possible. When the infantry unit reaches any territory bordering an original Soviet territory, it is joined by one fighter. Both units are treated as annexed pro-Axis neutrals and immediately come under German control.

    Spanish units may only engage in battle against Russian units. When any non-Soviet Allied powers capture or liberate a territory on the European continent (the area bordered by Denmark to the north, Normandy to the west and Greece to the south, not including islands in the Med), the Spanish units are immediately withdrawn from battle. The infantry unit is returned to Spain, while the fighter is removed from the board.

  • Yes I have read about the 2 blue groups too.
    As far as moving 1 Inf per turn after Ger or Russia declares war would take a long time for that Inf to make it to the front. Don’t know if that’s your idea ? Trains took them To Bavaria for training in July 41 and then in Aug where in Poland and then they marched to Smolensk.
    But then we’re rerouted to Volkov area.
    From Oct 41 to Aug 42 defended outskirts of Novogrod and in Aug 42 to Oct 43 defended a huge Russian attack with success in Leningrad area.
    Then Oct 43 were ordered to go home. 3000 stayed behind and went to different Ger positions on there own and then all ordered to go home in 44 if I have this part right.
    The fighters I read never left the Eastern front.
    Gen Agustín Muñoz Grandes wanted the Blue Squadron to help defend the Blue Division but was turned down.

    1. Have your 1 Inf start moving Ger T1.
    2. Can only go To Leningrad.
    3. Once Ger declares war or Russia declares war place fig on Spain that turn. Then on next turn can fly but it’s only destination is eastern front.
      Is the fig going to make Ger stronger when it goes for Moscow ? Have it where the fig can’t attack Stalingrad and Moscow ever.
      Then have it on a certain turn the 2 pieces leave the board.
      These are just thoughts. The time frame is the main concern here for this game. Would u need to add 13 more icps to Allies bid ? That’s the problem with g40. Fix it so you don’t need a bid and such but I’m not going there.
      I would like to see Event Cards for this game. Any game at that.
      My game has them. Thanks for bringing this up. Gives me an idea for a card. My game starts winter of 41. So my Ger Event Card would be add a fig in Romania and an Inf in Leningrad if you control but not after T6.

    Not to go off topic here some but Event Cards in game are great when you can add certain very small historic events or a piece or take away a piece and such. Like 1 US Event Card I have is In Manila 6 guerillas Inf pop up and now Japan has to deal with them.
    Anyway just thoughts

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    I just thought I’d keep the rule as basic as possible and let others modify as desired. There’s definitely room for improvement, though, and if you already use rail movement in your game, I’d definitely incorporate that.

    I really like the Event Card idea. Besides the Blue Division, there are a lot of other possibilities, such as:

    • Indian National Army - When Malaya falls to the Axis, the capturing power immediately gains 1 INF, placed in Malaya.

    • Aztec Eagles - The turn following any convoy disruption in sea zones 10, 89 or 101, place 1 US fighter in Mexico.

    • Fu-Go Balloon Bombs - Roll 1 die for damage to the Western US IC.

    Hmm…I might have to make some Event Cards of my own. Thanks for the suggestion. :medal:

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    31d1bce8-c24a-4457-aedc-7041fb52292a-image.png https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/assets/uploads/files/1551485411239-image1-2.png

    Ok just to let you know these are my Event Cards and there’s like 12 good and 10 bad in each deck per each country. So you’ll have to figure out how your going to put them in the game.
    D12 system

  • @SS-GEN Those cards look great! Thanks for the idea.

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    I enjoyed playing with those event cards. Mostly!

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    @Hambone said in (G40) Division Azul:

    I enjoyed playing with those event cards. Mostly!

    Mostly ? !!! Lol. Must of gotten more bad than good cards ♥️

  • Another interesting example of an odd “foreign” unit within the German armed forces was the SS Division Charlemagne, whose name and size (it wasn’t always a division) varied over the years. It originated in two older units, the Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism and in the SS Volunteer Sturmbrigade France, which were merged in 1944. The unit ended up being among the last defenders of Hitler’s bunker during the Battle of Berlin in 1945, a twist of fate which must have infuriated Charles de Gaulle when (assuming he did so) he eventually found out about it. Some of its men, who were taken prisonner by the Soviets, ended up on the wrong end of a US Army firing squad when the Russians handed them over to the Americans. Their leader, Henri Joseph Fenet, fared somewhat better: he merely received a sentence for treason of twenty years in prison with hard labour, of which he served half before being released.

  • @general-5-stars Give pleasse?

  • @all-encompassing-goose said in (G40) Division Azul:

    @general-5-stars Give pleasse?

    Give what ? Cards ?

  • @general-5-stars Do you havey a PDF (or some sort of dropbox link) to the cards?

  • No. For now not available.

  • @general-5-stars Sorry for late response, thank you. Might make my own then :slightly_smiling_face:

  • If I give them out I’ll probably won’t get any credit for them unless I make cards and sell.

  • @general-5-stars What is the most efficient way of making the cards? (besides of printing them)

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    Start with like index cards. Cut in half. Use a black sharpie or pen to just right on them so you can and you will make changes to them as you test them in play.
    After 4 years I still tweak a card

    I did test them for 2-3! Years

  • @general-5-stars Today shall be the beginning of my journey!

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