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    Dave/Taamvan Mod v3.0 (Live on AAA)

    Bonuses for Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad, and Caucasus are all reduced to 3.
    Russia begins the game with 1 armor and 1 fighter in the Urals.

    Optional Rules:
    Capital Rule (after the first capture of a capital, no money is taken)
    Johannesburg is a VC


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    Like the capital rule! Give the money back to the bank if you lose your capital a second time.
    I’d bet that Roby wouldn’t though, he likes to pillage too much.

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    You guys mentioned you wanted more Battle of the Atlantic more in game. And UK navy. Well I throw in my 2 cents and post here a few things. OK my game is not G40 oob. So my Convoy boxes are in Different sea zones than the g40 map.
    For us we have Battle of the Atlantic going on from T1 - to as long as T7. Depends if Italy runs a few subs out of Med. Subs also can’t hit subs. Sub FS should be also 1-1. 3 subs vs 1 dest, 2 subs get FS. Ger subs Wolf Packs. 2 subs @+1.
    The key is if Germanys doing a good job of convoy raiding, The UK is Strapped for cash early. This helps UK if you have a ship or 2 added and a Tac bomber in London if you use the TAc rule plus another fighter in Scotland in setup and put the German subs out further away from London too. May want to add more German Subs to setup too but also away from London. Make Germany decide what way to go. The convoy boxes in the Atlantic are not far enough out in the sea from land. I would move the convoy boxes out.
    Sz 105 to sz 103
    Sz 109 to sz 108
    Sz 119 to sz 124 Convoy to Russia
    Sz 89 to sz 107
    Sz 101 to sz 102
    Sz 106 to sz 107

    Then have it where you can do 2 raids on a convoy box. 1 sub on top of Convoy box is 3 damage and 1 sub in same sz is 1 damage max. Also you need to change the Tac Bomber stats.
    Tac C10 A3 D2 A@1 any surfaced sub. Single A@1 any AA gun after D@1. Any roll of a @1 can pick ground and naval unit with a return shot. Tac bomber does not get +1 boost on attack from a Fig or Tank.
    Most won’t agree with this but have to start some where. I am tempted very much now to bring out this game and house rule fix it.
    I can post a pic of my map I use of Europe side with convoy boxes if anybody’s interested in seeing it.

    So anyway just disregard this post if not interested.
    Just throwin ideas out there.


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    @SS-GEN Is the convoy in the new sea zone AND the old one? The income attached to each land territory is vulnerable in two places?

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    You would remove the ones next to the land. They don’t count.

    that be something also to look at by keeping one or 2 of them.

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    I see. It ports the Europe 1999 concept into Global. But, do the subs have to be within those convoy boxes (they are actual sea territories you can enter) in order to do damage? Or only adjacent to the convoy zone?

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    @taamvan yes. 3 damage if sub is inside the convoy box and 1 dam if its touching the outside of convoy box. If sub is touching outside 2 convoy boxes it can only do 1 damage not 1 for each box. Player decides which country. Hurts UK more than US.

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    @SS-GEN Got it, thanks for sharing. No rolling for convoy damage. Is this “The War Game” map with further mods?

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    @taamvan Nope. Its Deathheads map he came out with right around 1st AA50 edition came out. 2008 or 9 I believe.

    He did get ideas from AAE AAP. Had his own Mods with using AA50 rules if they applied. D6.

    I changed a ton of stuff to it and made it a D12 system. Game reports are in House Rules thread under 1940 Global War 2nd Edition if your interested in looking at.

    Honestly The 2 young good players I have went at it in Europe the whole game. Said it was the best game for them as far as historic effects. Convoy raiding SBRing back and forth and UKUS did there NA combine attack one time in game and got Paris back. Germany had UK down to 26 icps with raiding and some Africa stuff but US got on board and finally got UK back to 50 icps in income. Also what hurt UK early was there Tacs and destroyers could not get dice hits on the Wolf Packs. Epic.
    UK even had there NA Sub Hunters for whole game and Got a +1 for Tac bombers against lone subs and still missed a bunch.
    Also only 1-1 for figs hitting surfaced subs with a destroyer. 5 subs Vs 2 Destroyers can only scramble 2 figs.
    You also got to have the Sub being able to submerge after Tac bomber attack and even with a destroyer present. Then you give Destroyer a depth Charge drop attack.

    Map pics in the thread i posted.

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