• Building on my previous expansion rules for the low quality infantry/conscripts concept I have a few more units to add to the game.

    Users: All Nations (except China)
    Attack: 0
    Defense: 1
    Cost: 1
    Move: 1
    Abilities: Cannot participate in an attack. May be produced in an Industrial Complex or recruiting center. No more than 2 units may be produced in a territory in a single turn.

    Recruiting Center
    Users: All Nations (except China)
    Attack: N/A
    Defense: N/A
    Cost: 6
    Move: N/A
    Abilities: Produces 2 Conscripts Maximum, Can Co-locate with Industrial Complexes. Must be built on originally controlled territory. Cannot be captured, is destroyed if territory is taken by opposing side. Must be built on territory with an IPC value of at least 1

    Escort Carrier
    Users: All Nations (except China)
    Attack: 0
    Defense: 1
    Cost: 10
    Move: 2
    Abilities: Carries 1 Fighter or Tactical Bomber

    Green Water Ship
    Users: All Nations (except China)
    Attack: 0
    Defense: 1
    Cost: 5
    Move: 2
    Abilities: Cannot move into or through any sea space that does not border friendly territory unless accompanied by friendly surface units. If this requirement is no longer met due to combat, units and any transported units are destroyed.
    Can transport 1 infantry unit. Can participate in amphibious assaults. Can conduct shore bombardment during an amphibious assault, hitting on a 1.

    Additionally 3 units that can only be purchased after some set number of rounds (possibly with an R&D requirement as well).

    Super Battleships
    Users: Germany, UK, US, Japan
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 4
    Cost: 30
    Move: 2
    Abilities: Rolls 2 dice in combat or bombardment. Capital ship requires 3 hits to destroy.

    Intercontinental Bomber
    Users: Germany, US, Japan
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 1
    Cost: 20
    Move: 14
    Abilities: Rolls 2 Dice during an attack. Taking off from an Air Base adds 2 movement. Heavy bomber development results in rolling 4 dice and selecting the best 2 results. Takes 2 hits to destroy.

    Ultra-Heavy Air Transport (H-4 Hercules)
    Users: US
    Attack: 0
    Defense: 0
    Cost: 12
    Move: 5
    Abilities: Cannot participate in an attack, Transports 2 Infantry or 1 Mechanized Unit, Must take off and land from territory adjacent to a sea zone.

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    Hi General,

    It looks interesting,

    Do you have a complete list of units & rules for your Expansion Set?

    How many games have you play tested with your Expansion Set mentioned above?

  • @the-captain

    I’m still working out some of the rules and details, though just this post plus my last one is the bulk of the set.

    I’m aiming for a lightweight expansion that adds to the game but is not hard to learn or explain. Kind of like making the jump from 1942 to 1940 if you will.

    I have not done any play testing yet, I don’t have a regular play group at the moment so that might take some time. Of course if anyone out there thinks it looks interesting and wants to try it let me know how it goes.

    Also if anyone has thoughts on the values (particularly cost) and if they seem balanced that would be good info as well.

    I’m also compiling some 3D print files that can be used to create new units for each of these.

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    That sounds interesting,

    You might find some inspiration in the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion - you’ll find it under the House Rules section on this forum - look for “The Captain’s Global 1940 House Rules Collection”.

    You’re most welcome to send me pm if you want to discuss/talk, need help or advice👍

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    @general-spengler said in [Global 1940] Units Expansion Set:

    Also if anyone has thoughts on the values (particularly cost) and if they seem balanced that would be good info as well.

    Good action here. Global 40 House Rules has Escort CVs at C 9. I figured at 10, you’d just buy a 2 hit Fleet CV at 16 instead, although Italy or ANZAC might still buy one. There’s also an option that gives them ASW ability as well to encourage buys.

    board 3659 has them moving only 1 +1 w/NB. In my tests Italy buys them and sometimes ANZAC, but not really anybody else. I just test against myself though. I still like them and think they’re a cool unit.

    The Conscripts are A0 D1 C2 max build of 8. Can conquer empty TTYs though. They get spammed otherwise. I think with your limit of 2 per turn and using the Recruitment Centers are good ideas to limit that though as well as not being able to attack.

    I always stick em in the front line and use them as bullet stoppers lol. Russia really likes em.

    These could be added to the House Rules Mod for triplea if you want. Idk if you use triplea or not, but it’s real good for testing stuff from a time standpoint even if you prefer the physical board.

    Once again, Good Action : )

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