• I recently had some friends over for a pacific game. I forgot to get my cash out (like a fool) and one of the players dropped a pen on my board right near Borneo, leaving two little dots. Still triggering though! Anything helps IMG_6016[1].JPG
    (I’ve realized thisis near impossible dueto what standard Wotc boards are made out of

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    @The-Lone-Wolf Those are the Karimata Islands. Value: .25 IPC (representing the birds nests harvested there for birds nest soup). Congrats on your cool custom map! 😉

    Seriously, though…maybe use some liquid paper, let it dry, then use a colored pencil to try to blend it with the ocean?

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    Our vinyl boards aren’t well coated but some still insist on rolling them up, which is convenient (we even have a special map case w strap to carry it) but the sharp outer edge of the board cuts the color layer and spindles the board by rolling it. So it has to be rolled lightly, and only for a limited amount of time.

    There are alot of small chips out of the color, which one of our players insisted on filling in with bright blue marker. So that looks like someone scribbled a giant blue blob in the indian ocean.

    One player at gencon hates how faint the borders are, so they took a silver paint pen and outlined every land border. That was a crazy effort, and it looks…not great

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    Write “Borneo Islands” under the 2 islands

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    To calibrate how much of either of these you will need to use (without damaging the board), I would test both of these first on another board you don’t care about before attempting.

    Idea #0: Have you tried scraping it off with your fingernail? Depending on the nature of the stain, it might be removable with a pick/pin. Careful not to scratch the board.
    Idea #1 (conventional option): WD-40. I cannot tell you how many things WD-40 removes. Go light and rub off the excess immediately to minimize staining on the board.
    Idea #2 (the nuclear option): Isopropyl (“Rubbing”) Alcohol. Alcohol is the destroyer of all inks… which may or may not include the surface of the board test first and be careful.

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    Where are the two dots? The two little islands left of Borneo are on the map anyways and it’s hard to see if they are darker because of a pen or because of the quality of the picture.

    Anyhow: whatever you try to clean it, please try it on the back of the board first. A bit of the artwork of the map is folded over the edge of the board towards the back of it. Better to ruin that bit that the actual top of the board.

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