Help maintaining printed maps

  • So, I need some help when in comes to maintaining/taking care of printed maps,

    I have a printed vinyl map, but when I stored it away I guess I didn’t roll it up and put it away properly as when I pulled it pack out the edges were all extremely crumpled as the map’s weight literally caused it to fold itself on the bottom.

    How do I prevent this from happening? Is there anyway to undo my crumpled map edges? I really don’t want to buy another map because it was very expensive and I really don’t have the money to buy one at the moment. Additionally, is there anything else when it comes to maintenance that I need to be aware of?

    Thank you for any help given.

  • @Playing-Kid
    Not much worse than a creased matt.
    Mt first try would be to warm the fold with a hair dryer/heat gun, depending how much heat the vinyl can handle. May help you move the material back into the correct position.

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