• Before I print this map out I’m looking for a 2nd set of eyes on a 1914 map of IL’s that I modified.  Imperious Leader kindly sent me a modified version of his 1914 map that I made changes to appease my playing group. I’m looking for some feedback, comments, and if spotted, any corrections that need to be made. Here are the goals we had for this map:

    • Major Power territory colors had to be close to that nations unit colors

    • Territory colors had to be color-blind friendly. I’ve already verified this with my color-blind friends.

    • Removal of unneeded roundels

    • Make all neutral territories the same color [dirty white]

    • Make the major power colors distinct looking so that roundels weren’t needed in non-capital territories

    • Just make the map simpler and easier to play on

    The goal was to simplify and decluttered the map by removing all non-capital roundels, making color be the identifier for Major Power starting territories, and making all neutral territories the same [dirty white] color.  I don’t know why the original map decided to set the color of an aligned neutral territory to the color of the major it’s aligned with. The small roundel to the left of the neutral’s large capital roundel achieves this fine, I believe.

    Have any critical gameplay elements been removed by making the above color and roundel changes to this map? From how we read the rules and how we play, I believe this is all the info you need to play, with very easy to identify territory colorings.  The link below is to a simple jpg, I don’t recommend printing this version. I’ll upload the original Photoshop version, and a large image file, when I’ve verified it’s accurate.

    Link to map image


  • I think that the map most definitely achieves your criteria’s.    I am not such a fan of the colors but they fit with what you want, and are simply a knee-jerk omg reaction that will dissipate.  I like the de-cluttering of it thou, and it is definitely easy to see who starts where this way.

    When you get a final version up I’d be tempted to print it out as a replacement board myself specially if you put up the PSD and allow us to make our own modifications if needed… Love modifying my boards!

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