HBG Requests Input on New Pieces

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    @LHoffman said in HBG - Axis & Allies Parts/Accessories and Custom Piece Sets Store!:

    HBG asking for feedback on new GW1936 pieces. Looks like a general set which will have units that apply to the Axis, Allies and neutrals.
    HBG Facebook Post

    From the link:

    ***Which pieces would you like to see in a Generic Mold for Global War 1936? It would be similar to last mold, unique piece done in all major colors.

    1-Battlecruiser (Scharnhorst) GERMANY
    1-Heavy Battleship (Montana) USA
    1-Heavy Carrier (Malta) UK
    2-Jet (F-86) USA
    2-Attack Transport (Haskell Class) USA
    2-Torpedo Bomber (Devastator) USA
    1-Heavy Bomber (B-29) USA
    1-Hybrid BB/CV (Ise) JAPAN
    1-Coastal Defense Ship (Norge) Norway
    1-Airship (ZRS-4) USA
    1-Recon/Seaplane Aircraft (PBY) USA
    2-Colonial Infantry (French)
    2-Heavy Artillery (M1931 203mm) Russia
    1-Advanced Submarine (Nautilus) USA

    Please list your ideas and needs for GW1936.***

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    I’m a bit perplexed by the possible presence of the “Jet (F-86) USA” and “Advanced Submarine (Nautilus) USA” items in a game that starts in 1936, since both are post-WWII technologies. The F-86 Sabre first flew in 1947 and entered service in 1949. “Advanced Submarine (Nautilus) USA” presumably refers to the nuclear submarine Nautilus (rather than its decidedly un-advanced predecessor of 1927 vintage), which was launched in 1954. Or are these meant to be late-war (postwar?) tech upgrades, assuming that game play extends beyond 1945? Just to be clear, I agree that they’d be neat sculpts – but I’m just wondering about the time frame.

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    Doug didn’t offer much in the way of reasoning behind his unit selection. However, some of his comments on the post make me think that he is trying to hit classes of pieces that haven’t been made yet, which will apply to all nations.

    For example, Malta would stand in for the Heavy Carrier sculpt (of all nations?.. I am not sure). Similarly Montana would cover the Heavy Battleship. There is no seaplane piece currently, so throw in the PBY, etc… I believe he actually had Midway in for the heavy carrier until he edited it.

    And yet, there are some categories here which HBG has already made sculpts for: Jet (Me 262, Kikka, P-80), Heavy Bomber (Ju-488, plus others they have labeled as heavy bombers), Torpedo Bomber (TBM, Swordfish, Barracuda, Kate).

    So I am not really sure what they are trying to do, but I am also not complaining.

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    Once you’ve read the rules and become familiar with the game then the reasoning becomes evident. Those late war or post war units wouldn’t be available to players in 1936. You can’t even build tanks or mechanized infantry in 1936. Specialty units like the ones you referred to would probably require one or two tech advances and would not available for purchase until a specific date. As for the post-war pieces, most if not all of them were already on the drawing board but were not implemented during the war for one reason or another, not the least of which would be the conclusion of the war. Playing these games allows us the chance to decide for ourselves which weapons to develop and purchase in an effort to change the outcome or the course of the war. G-40 is a great game to play but without house rules it is just a game of moving pieces and resolving combat. GW36 in far more in depth as far as building armies and political situations. I think you would love a game like this, Marc.

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    I guess I didn’t really answer CWOMarc’s question, but rather addressed my own curiosities. Yes, late-war/post 1945 tech.

    HBG hasn’t made such a mixed-bag set before, which is why I thought it was interesting.

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    I left my suggestion. Now, to see what we get.


  • I would guess he has the post WWII pieces to go along with HBG’s Amerika game which happens as if WWII never ended. Also note that some players are playing Global 1936 into the Korean and Cold War eras.

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    A set of only WW! pieces. First sea units, then air , then land

    A very basic first set of Dreadnoughts, Battlecruisers, Armored cruisers, Destroyers, Subs and Transports for 8 nations, divided by allied and central powers

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    @Imperious-Leader said in HBG Requests Input on New Pieces:

    A set of only WW! pieces. First sea units, then air , then land

    A very basic first set of Dreadnoughts, Battlecruisers, Armored cruisers, Destroyers, Subs and Transports for 8 nations, divided by allied and central powers

    He’s put a bunch of WW1 stuff on Shapeways here;

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    Dude I need armies of these ships, Shapeways is a ripoff unless you need 1-3 pieces in total

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