Question about new HBG marker rules

  • Bunkers*
    It says bunkers protect only one boarder.  But it also says bunkers grant +1 to all defending INF.

    Here is my question.  Lets say a territory with a bunker is attacked from 3 sides.  I understand the bunker will get 2 defense rolls for the side it defends against but will all defending INF get the bonus +1 on defense.  If that is the case these things seems a lil too good.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    There are alot of clarifications on these in the works.

    See some of the other threads.

    Basically, as it stands there are 2 types of Fortifications.

    Type 1.  Which are only placed at the start of the game - and only defend from certain locations, or certain attacks.

    Type 2. 20 IPC cost, can be built anywhere, limit of 1 (Unless setup dictates otherwise) = 2 rolls at 5, and + 1 to all inf in the first round.

  • Thanks but that goes against what the latest PDF says about bunkers

    and I quote from the new PDF

    Bunker Option 1:

    Cost: 20
    Movement: N/A
    Attack: N/A
    Defense: 3 (D6), 5 (D12), 11 (D20)
    Transport Class: N/A

    Bunkers are strictly defensive units. They can be built in any territory that has been
    controlled for one full round. These units only protect a single border, which must be specified
    when placed. Bunkers do not take damage and cannot be taken as casualties. If a territory
    containing a bunker is captured, the bunker is destroyed and removed from play.

    When defending bunkers receive 2 defensive rolls during the first cycle of combat only.
    Bunkers also grant defensive bonuses to all infantry defending the same territory giving them a
    +1 (D6), +2 (D12), +3 (D20) to all defensive values for the first cycle of combat.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    What version of the rules are you reading from?

  • The latest PDF they put up on the HBG website

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Ok so those are “OPTIONAL” rules if you buy JUST that piece to supplement another set.

    The rules that come with the Global 1939 game are as I posted above - and are different.

  • Ok I was just saying isn’t the new “optional” rule a lil over powered?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Yes, and no.

    The limit is one… and all parties can do it.

    Of course it doesn’t help when the russians drop that in Moscow with a stack of 70+ units.  But, if Germany can do the same? What does it matter.

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