• Gargantua and I are very aware that version 6.0 will be released within the next month or two.  We thought we would share our house rules in the hopes that they provide new ideas:

    1.  If Holland or the DEI is attacked, all other remaining territories turn Pro-Allied, and have to be activated manually, territory by territory.
    2.  Coastal battleships attack at 6, defend at 6 (regular battleships attack and defend at 8).  When hit, they attack and defend at 4 (as opposed to 5/5 for regular battleships).  Coastal battleships should not have the naval bombardment ability.  Coastal means a ship must END it’s movement next to a territory with the same original roundel as the territory it started next to.  Naval bases give +1 movement to coastal ships.
    3.  When a neutral capital falls and the coastal battleship moves to the closest friendly naval base which is not adjacent to a territory with the original roundel (e.g. Portugal falls), then the ship becomes immobile, like Vichy units.
    4.  Paratroopers may not be dropped on industrial complexes unless they are accompanying an amphibious or ground assault.  Bombers dropping Paratroopers do not roll attack dice.  Only one AA shot per bomber.  If the AA shot hits, both bomber and paratrooper (if applicable) are lost.
    5.  Fortification limits apply to no more than 10 infantry.  One can fortify up to twice per territory, but only one fortification per territory per round can be built.  Two fortifications allow two rounds of bonus defence.  Only 10 infantry benefit from the fortification each round.
    6.  Once a minor axis power is attacked, it becomes activated and acquires income.
    7.  The following are additional true neutral starting troop placements (for South America, Mexico - minus Baja -  and Mongolia, we used Argentina’s 47,000 troops during WW II as the baseline).  The rest were for better playability:
    Chile - 1 infantry
    Peru - 2 infantry
    Colombia - 1 infantry
    Venezuela - 1 infantry
    Mexico - 4 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 armour
    Baja – 1 infantry
    Ulaan Baatar  - 2 infantry
    Zavkhan – 1 Infantry
    Riyadh – 1 infantry
    Medina – 1 infantry
    Ireland - 1 infantry
    Afghanistan – 1 infantry
    Belgian Congo – 1 infantry

  • Your neutral troops are very good, but there should be also one infantry in Corinth and one in Crete, (Operation Merkur)

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    One in Crete?  Yikes! That’s pro-allied though!

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