Russia declare war on allies house rule. HBG 1936

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    I couldn’t find any other topics on this. If there is I’ll move it to there.

    This may have happened to your games also. I often find Russia is about to win by victory points then gets dog piled last turn to lose a point n not win. Or Russia has either been at peace with Germany and one way or the other this also happens. Or worse Russia is forced to let allies win since it cant attack them and Berlin still stands alone with a monster stack of defense. Occasionally Russia is quickly crushed by Germany and its usually a 2 sided game. Or in our current game kmt has taken all of manchuria and is threatening russia who can’t wait to steal a VP from China but cant since Germany is strong on the other side of Russia.

    It all seems to stem from the assumption that Russia is a forced allied player. Due to its condition for DOW requirement that Berlin has fallen and its at full production. I understand this is to give historical gameplay. But this seriously cripples the Cominturn as a separate alliance. The Cominturn is only a friend of convenience with the allies. And all sides want to eliminate the other in reality. I propose a simple change to allow for Russia to be the true game changing wild card and opportunistic as it should be.

    Simply remove the requirement for Russia to have Berlin fall,  before it can attack China and or the rest of the allies. But keep its income requirement the same for major powers only. In keeping with this allow the US/allies to declare on Russia with a violation of the Monroe doctrine or Russian attacks on any member of the allies.

    This will allow:
    -The CCP to accomplish something with Russian assistance in China.
    -A medditerrenian attack on either axis or allies by Russia.
    -Increase the importance of Spanish civil war for all parties including the fate of Gibraltar regardless of ownership.
    -Allows Cominturn to be a disruption in Iran for both parties and a possible threat to or from all in the area FEC included.
    -Russia could find itself being swallowed by Germany Japan and the allies all at once.
    -Molotov Ribbentrop becomes more viable option for both parties but remains an uneasy option.
    -and many other variables.

    Hope to play test this later. Any suggestions, experience with this?

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    HBG should give u an answer.  It’s there game

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    Your welcome.  😄

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    At least then someone will know what your issue even is. Rather than avoiding this site due to your behavior, and avoiding the variant you obviously prefer as a consequence.

    English as a 3rd language?

  • Very good points. Me and my play group have also done away with that rule a half dozen games ago, and found it was a great improvement.

    The way I view HBG, is that; just like original A&A, the rules slowly evolve over time. HBG just did a massive leap from 1940 to a huge map in 1936, with tons of new units, without the slow and simple expansion that A&A 1940 did.
    So each play team will probably evolve new styles and rules of play, making modifications to the rules as they go.

  • We basically do the same as Jinx. The Victory Points is a great way to have a clear cut winner, but when the game is coming to the end and you wanna keep going because on the map it looks even for everyone. You shouldn’t have to make silly moves that you normally wouldn’t do just to rob a VP from someone. We agree that we will keep the continuity of the game going and not risk doing something that you wouldn’t normally do for a VP. Then we add up the points and look at the map and agree to keep going or stop depending on how it looks over all.

    We like to play to the integrity of the game it self and if that means I don’t crash my navy into his to rob him from a victory condition then so be it. We all strive to play those extra innings.

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    Me and my play group have also done away with that rule a half dozen games ago, and found it was a great improvement.

    Thanks Jinx, exactly what I was wondering. No ballace issues with a freelance Cominturn? Besides 2 different alliances possibly elliminating one together and turning on each other after.

    We agree with you 100% Whitshadw!
    Some of our early games had the crashing of last minute navies etc. for VC. But we value a cleaner, realistic victory and would play till 1960’s on the game calander again, to get one. Benefits of a covered playsurface allowing months of real time to complete a game. VC are only used if a restart is wanted or we declare a clear winner and figure out bragging rights.

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