Cheap! In a hurry customization of global ana1940 for 1936 hbg map

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    Started playing our first game 1936 setup of global war HBG second edition map. First thing you notice is that there are a lot of extra land and sea zones. We have been playing ana 2 ed. Global 1940. We have no other pieces to use and wanted to try this out before we bought additional sculpts we may or may not need. Personally really enjoy the variety of units but using 1940 global pieces we had to get creative.

    1)Facilities are both more numerous but also have extra types: 47 naval bases, 19 shipyards, 1 sub base, 31 airfields,  18 minor factories, 16 major factories, 6 coastal arty, 3 forts and 2 fortified borders. All in the setup alone. We either had no equivalents or not enough.
    As a solution I found 3/8 glass mosaic tiles at Michaels. Brand name is artmind classico mosaic tiles $10 a bag. Come in mixed packs of 15 solid colours, are smooth topped rounded corners, bottom is smooth and won’t  damage the board.(inspect before use each pack had damaged tiles very sharp glass) I needed to buy 3 packs and a case with dividers. These are near identical in size to oob cardboard markers but easy to pickup. With the smooth flat tops we will either get decals or something to label these in the future

    2)Extra unit types, there are a pile of these! Thankfully local game store sells coloured chips that interlock $4 for 50pack (koplow dice co.) with oob grey, green and red counter chips. Regular stacks but with a non counted coloured marker chip placed on top. This was our quick fix.
    A)Militia = inf with orange chip, because they cant move.
    B)Out dated or lower value unit variations white chips.
    Coastal sub= sub& white chip
    Torpedo boat destroyer= destroyer& white chip
    Light tank= tank&white chip
    Cavalry=mech&white  chip
    Light aircraft carrier= aircraft carrier&white chip
    C)marine inf = Inf with blue chip
    D)Airborne inf = inf with purple chip
    E)motorised inf = inf with black chip.  Reg. Inf that move 2, and tow arty/aa along.
    F)Special units nation specific, like Italian black shirt militia. And upgraded units through tech like jet fighter or heavy tanks. Denoted as unit with a pink chip, same as previous examples in white.

    These were the colours in stock so their the ones we used, but others are available. Bring an oob chip to test interlock for stacks (store was willing to let us test before purchasing). Classic ana chips dont interlock with newer versions FYI.

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    Attached a photo of the facilities on a referance sheet. The white tile on the blue background is place upon a major factory oob cardboard piece. You can see the grey around it. Not an exact size match, But almost.

    Colours were chosen based upon visibility on the map and piece count. Red or brown were only options for naval base due to count. Random colour counts in packages, and the store needs to restock thanks to me.

    2016-08-16 02.11.23.jpg

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    Pic of pieces used in game.
    Hard to see but italian black shirt stack, pink next to france in north italy
    Militia orange
    France has a motorized inf. (Black) loaded on transport in the med.

    Tiles = Airbases blue, naval red, shipyard orange, magginot line pink, major white, minor black

    2016-08-16 09.58.31.jpg

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    Pic of tiles. Labels from packs along with case.
    There are extra colours here so we may either incorporate new types of  bases or change colour scheme with play testing.

    2016-08-16 10.18.54.jpg

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