Factories and Facilties—Where, How, When, and Why?

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    8 transports? Wow. Do you have trouble keeping them supplied with troops? If you do the math, you can buy 3 less transports and put down ICs J1 and J2 and it only costs you 3IPCs more. More importantly, the troops get into battle sooner. Buying the troops on Tokyo slows down Axis expansion in the time lost in ferrying troops around. I tried this idea once and I found that I ran out of production slots on Tokyo. I guess your problem though is that you don’t like the available locations on the first turn. I think Kiangsu is fine. It’s really good for fighting China. It’s not very easy for the other allies to take out. Not really useful for attacking India of course but you have transports and FIC for that.

  • Not all of them go back to re-supply at the same time. Actually just a few once in a while. But you’re right it takes time and momentum.

    Might be better to buy that mIC in Kiangsu along with two transports for J1. And settle for a total of 6 or 7 transports. Can’t do a grand swoop on everything J3, but usually it’s tough to get it all anyway. The next mIC should probably then be in FIC.

  • 2018

    @AxisAndAllies1940 i don’t believe i have ever thought of the egyptian ANZAC patrol scooping up persia for a factory…

  • 2018

    @Charles-de-Gaulle said in Factories and Facilties—Where, How, When, and Why?:

    Does anyone ever consider upgrading the minor IC on Rome to a major?  I usually find that it is not necessary until late in the game, and by that time I don’t want to do it or lack the IPCs.

    Nope. I can’t ever fill the 13 units the the Mic and the mic allow, and its too much wasted income the I ties need elsewhere. if italy needs to produce more than 13 units, i feel the game should be over…

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