• It seems that looking all the “talk” that the “standard” move by the USA in Europe is to take Norway, build a factory and funnel troops into USSR or use it as a airbase for Strat. Bombers on Germany. The “key” to the Norway USA tactic is they can purchase 3 units every turn and not have to shuttle them across the pond.


    Why is it a waste of 12IPC for Germany to build a minor factory in Norway on turn 1 and stack it with INF for either defense or funnel into Northern USSR?

  • '17

    I’ve seen a German factory in Finland for the defense of Norway as in a counter attack.

  • Or, if you’re feeling frisky, add another player…
    Finland (Axis):
    +Controls Norway (3 IPCs)

    • First player of every round (goes before Soviet Union)
    • Starts with AAA, Industrial Center, 1 Tank, 1 Artillery, 3 Infantry, and 1 Fighter on territory. (Germany has no units in territory)
    • Starts with 1 Destroyer and 1 Transport in North Sea (Germany has one less transport in North Sea)
    • Starts with 10 IPCs, but only earns the value of its held territories after each turn (the 10 IPCs is enough for the player to decide if they want to start defensive or be more aggressive)
    • Can attack any Allied ships
    • Can reinforce and defend German or Japanese-held territories
    • Cannot conduct Tech Research
    • Only has a total of 4 National Marker Discs. � Can only take over 3 additional territories besides Finland (Norway Territory on 2004 Revised Board)
    • Cannot Build Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, or Battleships
    • Can only attack Allied land units in Soviet Territory or in conquered Axis territories (Cannot offensively attack UK or US starting territories)

    Finland should be for you most-advanced player. � Essentially you play as a thorn in the side of the Soviet Union, or divert allied naval resources to counter its ability to rapidly reinforce Germany. � If Finland plays a good balance of defending the home front, but also supporting Germany, it becomes a respected enemy and the USSR would bode well to try to take it out of the game quickly. � Finland is fun because it’s not overpowered, but can be a huge asset to the Axis if played smartly. � Just like in WWII, Finland has enough to maintain its independence, but if it gets too aggressive, it quickly can spread itself too thin. � Conservative support of the Axis is the name of the game.

  • TripleA

    Bruh why send USA to Norway when you can dump 20 inf a turn on Spain?

  • @Cow:

    Bruh why send USA to Norway when you can dump 20 inf a turn on Spain?

    Well, I have no clue. Most of the online guides and stuff on this site do not promote a USA Spanish beach head strategy. They focus on a Norway Strat bomber/Russian beach head tactic in Norway.

    Spanish Beachhead has it pros/cons just like the Norway Beachhead Pros/cons.

    Now the idea of dumping 20 INF a turn. USA has a 5 TRS convoy from Eastern USA and the British have a 5 TRS convoy set up from England. So every turn the 20 TRS are dumping INF into Spain. How early in the game can the Allies set up this plan?  Turn 6? Turn 7?

    Further more, just dumping INF into Spain does not present a offensive threat. At what point do they go on the offense?

  • The Spanish Beachhead is argued against Norway because Norway seems ideal for defending USSR as well as protecting UK while attacking Germany and Italy vs turning all the neutrals Axis which benefits Germany the most.

  • TripleA

    Well you need less stuff to defend the coast of Spain compared to Norway. At first it is easy to drop 10 inf a round (5 transport leave usa 5 transport come home). Just keep adding over time.  UK hits Turkey and makes way on that side.

    The Spanish beachhead is more common when you play Europe only.  I do it in global if I had success against Japan and I need to move on to the Atlantic quickly.  Otherwise USA sends ships to convoy Italy and put it out of the game, if Germany sinks it, oh well, who cares. I use UK to defend middle east, reinforce Russia.

    Obviously depends how much you are investing in each theater, but if I am going heavy Europe, yes I want Spain.  I want two fronts for the Axis so that I only have to worry about Japan after a certain point.

  • Another thing about Spain being attacked by USA is obviously making neutrals Axis but that also means they are free to be attacked by the allies because of that so it also gives UK and US a chance to conquer neutrals to boost their money.

  • TripleA

    Also opens up Turkey, nice thing is you get the initiative to attack it usually.

  • Usually when Spanish Beachhead is used, Germany and Italy are still in good position to just convert Turkey into an Axis nation so you get eight infantry for free and I think Turkey is worth 3 dollars.

  • '21 '20 '18 '17

    No, Mr. Painstate, it says “original”, which modifies each noun in that sentence.    Strict neutrals turned into pro-axis territories are not “original”…“pro-axis neutrals”, they are former Strict Neutrals.

    We also had this question in relation to G42;  does UK need to retain Persia (which is not an original territory, but one with a UK control marker in place at game start for this version) in order to retain its “integrity” NO?  The answer is no, because Persia is not an “original” UK territory;  only the ones with printed UK rondels are.

    As to the substantive argument here, Cow is on it.  Norway is a good place to set up a Allied base, but this takes forever, and it isn’t very viable until you kill the Baltic German Navy, and if you could do that, there are probably even cooler targets than Norway.    Heading through Spain is complicated by the need to knock out at least Turkey, giving only Sweden, Switz and Saudi up to the bad guys.    The benefit is that you don’t have to violate this neutrality at a specific time;  it can always be open as an option and so you can begin the transport and US involvement in the war without violating neutrality until you are ready.    Spain and Gibraltar are the only areas where the shuck-shuck works properly.  Also, you only have to defend the 91 fleet, not 2-3 other mixed fleets supporting a northern invasion and guarding the UK units.

  • TripleA


    Yep! Hit Spain and Turkey at the same time. You are obviously not going to DOW neutrals if Italy has Egypt / middle east or if Japan is a monster. At the same time you are not going to Norway either under those conditions either.

    Spain is a perfect shuck, easy to defend port, and you only have 1 fleet to defend. Great way to close out the game.

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