AAA Should Be Permitted to Attack

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    Maybe one issue about attacking AAA is that it can appear OP from a statistical POV against 3 planes:


    Why are we trying to fix something that’s not broken? I laid out the math very specifically. Nobody has refuted it. It literally couldn’t be fairer. They are worth exactly what they should be worth. Where’s the case that there is a problem?

    Maybe I need to show my work on the math?


    +1 Jen. Part of the reason they only fire once at the beginning of the battle is that they’re able to specifially target air units. No other land unit gets to pick off opponents pieces when they hit, owner always gets to choose order-of-loss. As it is, a 5 IPC AA gun firing 3 times at 3 fighters worth 10 IPC each stands a 34.7% chance of hitting exactly once, a 6.9% chance of hitting exactly twice, and a 0.5% chance of hitting on all three shots. Against three 10 IPC, fighters, the total value of the kills is EXACTLY 5 IPC. I don’t think you can form an argument for more perfectly balanced gameplay than that.

    AA guns are perfect the way they are.

    AA gun firing 3 times at 3 fighters:

    1/6 hit * 5/6 miss * 5/6 miss = 11.57%
    5/6 miss * 1/6 hit * 5/6 miss = 11.57%
    5/6 miss * 5/6 miss * 1/6 hit = 11.57%
    -Those are the three ways to get exactly 1 hit = 34.7% hit exactly once * 10 IPC fighter = 3.47 IPC damage caused

    1/6 hit * 1/6 hit * 5/6 miss = 2.31%
    1/6 hit * 5/6 miss * 1/6 hit = 2.31%
    5/6 miss * 1/6 hit * 1/6 hit = 2.31%
    -Those are the three ways to get exactly 2 hits = 6.9% hit exactly twice * 20 IPC for 2 fighters = 1.39 IPC damage caused

    1/6 hit * 1/6 hit * 1/6 hit = 0.46%
    -That is the only way to get exactly 3 hits = 0.5% hit exactly three times * 30 IPC for 3 fighters =  0.14 IPC damaged caused

    3.47+1.39+0.14=5.00 IPC

    A 5 IPC AA gun causes 5.00 IPC average damage.

    That is absolutely perfect. You can’t improve on that. Literally.

    However, Q1-is there many occasions that three planes are attacking a TT?
    The best way to undermine the strength of this defensive unit is simply to throw only 1 or 2 planes. Of course, when you need to capture a TT at all cost, it is all in. But, if you have to ponder between Tank and Fighter or TcB, not using plane at all is better but always aim below 3 planes, it downgrades AAA defense value.

    Q2- Is there many occasions that AAA can attack a TT with planes on it?
    Except for England, Japan and Moscow and a few VCs, it seems a rare opportunity to drag AAA until it reach such heavily defended TT.

    Comparing to what can be done with a 6 IPCs Tank Attack 3 Defense 3, M2 and blitz, giving +1 bonus to TcB,
    such 5 IPCs AAA with offense capacity still has many limitations, even if rolling @1 up to 3 planes on offense and @1 up to 3 defense:

    • Move is 1.

    • Whichever the lower number between AAA or planes: if there is more planes, it is still maximum 3.

    • And if there is more AAA, it is still 1 roll max per plane.

    • You can fight against less than 3 planes, so its combat value can be at a reduced factor: from three to 2 or 1.

    • Attacker always get the initiative to render AAA almost useless on defense, if he can afford to use only ground units.

      • It cannot attack or defended against ground units, so it is worthless by itself against a single Infantry unit.
    • It is a single one shot deal while Tank can roll @3 each combat round.

    • BUT, it is still a preemptive strike, better to prevent enemy’s roll.

      • AND, of course, you can directly hit enemy’s 10-11-12 IPCs units

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    Hey Ichabod

    We’re gonna play with the AAA guns starting on setup will be A D  white AAA guns so we know there attacking and defending AAA guns against planes only. If you leave the territory with a factory in it you will need to buy a grey one or white AAA gun to protect factory. If you leave territory from a factory you must declare if it’s a A D white aaa gun or just a defending grey aaa gun. Once u leave factory u can’t change aaa gun to attacking too. I will use a (off topic) 3rd aaa gun for Rockets Tech.

    Will see if Germany has any kind of advantage.

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