Who wants Roundels like AAA Europe/Pacific 1940 ?

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    Please vote for (7) Seven Countries
    I am wanting to make nice Roundels just like in Axis and Allies Europe / Pacific 1940.
    They would have the same thickness and colors as existing Roundels.
    If there is enough Interest I can make a run of them and on the second run we can make others.
    If there are other Roundels wanted please let me know!

    1A. Italy - Out of the Box

    1B. Italy -

    2. China Communist -

    3. Canada - OOB -

    4. Poland -  

    5. Dutch = OOB -

    6A. Finland -

    6B Finland -

    7a. Hungary -

    8a. Bulgaria -

    8B - Bulgaria -

    9a. Romania -

    9b. Romania -

    10a. India (Far East Command)  -

    10b. India - Union Jack -

    10c. India -

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    You need to specify which roundels for each country, as many nations changed their designs mid-war to avoid confusion with enemy types.

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    The stuff you’ve been putting on ebay looks pretty good as far as designs. By the way, thanks for the rockets. Just got them yesterday.

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    The roundels I make on eBay are on 3/4" Avery labels stuck to a AAA roundel.
    I am going to make roundels just like you get in a Europe 1940 game.
    They should be first class.

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    I was just saying that as far as which roundel designs to use (which flags), the ones you already use would be great. But better quality is always appreciated!

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    What I’d find most useful is double-sided “Pro” markers.

    That is, a Pro-Allied symbol on one side, and a Pro-Axis symbol on t’other.

    This makes it easier to track loyalties using house rules (in which allegiance can be changed by things like diplomacy), and when using historical set-ups (in which many loyalties are different, e.g. Iran and Iraq).

    Even with OOTB rules you might need these when there has been a “wipeout” in an attack on a neutral.

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    Here are my votes:

    1A. Italy - Out of the Box

    2. China Communist - I personally wont use a communist Chinese roundel.

    3. Canada - OOB - The Canadian roundel you showed is not the OOB roundel. This is the OOB roundel.    

    4. Poland -  Dont personally care for your version. The official roundel from WWII was actually a square. Here is an adaptation of the official WWII roundel adapted to a circle. (Ignore the green.)  

    5. Dutch = OOB - Works for me.    

    6B Finland - (Technically 6A is correct but I would avoid swastikas where possible.)  

    7a. Hungary - Works for me.    

    8a. Bulgaria - Works for me    

    9b. Romania - Works for me    

    10b. India - Union Jack - **(Most bang for your buck, even though its not India per say)    **http://www.mediafire.com/imgbnc.php/97003ec7720a7c219f28d82e1e7570e92g.jpg

    Just my opinions. Take them or leave them. Good luck with the project.

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    I appreciate your comments on the roundels.
    Yes, I will go out of the box whenever possible.
    I agree, I will not use the swastika.
    Why do you like the Romania roundel over the other version?
    Union jack for india is a good choice, I like it better than the post war roundel.
    Great comments, thanks.
    I do not like your choice of roundel for poland, but I am all about accuracy, thanks.

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    I realize that the gold cross Romanian roundel is more correct being used from 1 May 1941 to 3 September 1944, but the Round version was used during WWII immediately before and after those dates so I think its not too big of a streach to use the round one. Plus it conforms to existing (though some might say apocryphal) A&A Miniatures.

    Here’s what Poland’s official roundel for WWII looked like (and yes I agree its a bit bland):

    Found this roundel used by China begining in 1949. I suggest you adapt the star design in a circle shaped roundel.

    P.S. you might find this link a great resource:

  • I couldn’t find the OOB Brit roundel on that site

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    Could not find your stuff on eBay.  Can you post a link to your store?

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    You need to do the Axis Italian fasces symbol

    Canada maple is post war

    Dutch roundel was an orange triangle from 1940

    Hungarian cross should be a square

    Chinese star should be yellow

    Full roster of WWII roundels are featured on my WIP card designs:


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