Planes attacking more than 1 territory.

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    Have plane or planes move to territory, attack for 1 round and then decide if plane or planes are staying, retreating  or leaving to attack another territory. If plane leaves to attack another territory, it has to decide after the first round of combat. Then it attacks 1 round in that territory and then it can leave to attack 1 more territory. It still can move only 4 spaces for fighters and if using for bombers 6 spaces. Then if you play with tech, you could get long range aircraft and then move your 6 or 8 total spaces. You can only attack for one round if you keep moving to other territorys or sea zones. It help if you needed a little more air support in another territory if you think you were going to lose it. So this is not a good idea?

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    It’ll be abused by Russia.

    2 Infantry, Fighter vs TT 1
    2 Infantry, extra Fighter attack in TT2


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    It’s a bad idea because planes realistically need time to be serviced/reload/refuel between attacks. All attacks are considered to happen at the same time and one unit cannot be in two places at the same time. It would mess with the timeline of the game.

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    I agree with Der Kuenstler…
    But I have an other idea.
    All ground units are vulnerable against fighters so infantry,artillery and tanks return fire at 1 againts fighters.

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