Extra 1st round attack rolls for Axis to balance.

  • I think an interesting system has developed for bidding to put extra $$ on the board to balance A&A.

    Here is another idea:
    Simply put, for all Axis attacks (not defense) in the 1st round, the 1st round of battle rolls by units rolling greater than 1 get an extra roll.

    I think this type of balance may actually be more historically accurate. World leaders were concerned about the military build-up by the Germans and Japanese in the 30’s. They did take comfort in knowing that the allied forces were numerically superior at the time. It was quite a surprize that the armies of the French and British Expiditionary force were so quickly overrun. Again in Op Barbarosa, the it took over a million casualties before the Russians solidified their defences. The story is repeated by the Japanese, who often won against 2-1 or greater odds.

    Pearl harbor would have been like 4 ftrs vs 3 BB’s with all 4 ftrs surviving. Jpn starting w/ only 1 CV probably reflects unreplaced CV losses at both Midway and the Coral Sea.


    WCan SZ:
    Ftr vs trn
    Ger gets an extra roll of 3 in the 1st roll of combat. It becomes a normal combat afterwards.

    Inf, arm vs inf. arm
    The Ger arm, but not the inf gets an extra roll of 3 on the initial combat. Normal combat resumes on the following rolls.

    The 1st round SBR attacks by the axis get to roll twice for the if they survive AA.

    I have not tested this. I did not do the exact math, but I think it keeps Ger aggressive early in the game and gives a major kick to the Jpn offensive before Allied forces gel to take that initiative away. The main Allied counter is to be aggressive themselves before the Axis powers can get the extra rolls.

    Just in case this over favors the Axis:
    This can be limited by bids to the number of initial round 1 attack units that get the bonus roll. In this case, they will need to be tracked. The extra attacks expire after J1. No carryover to the 2nd round. The extra rolls must be declared prior to rolling for the battle.
    I think bids around 15 might be fair.

    Ger SBR’s GBR, declaring an extra roll. The AA hits. SBR=0.

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    Problem is the game starts in 1942 when the Japs and Germs are in decline.

    If this was a 1938 version I could go for a double attack phase for Germany and Japan. (Attack for 1938 and 1939 then the allies get to counter in 1940.)

  • One reason I’ve always thought that the Axis is disadvantaged is because historically, the start of the game represents the best they’d ever do … And of course the game doesn’t have to follow the pattern, but its setup mimics Allied expansion and the approximate time when the Axis will have to worry about falling back.
    Oh, that and it’s 3 versus 2 😉

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    Want to make it more balanced? Multiply all starting units on the board by 3. This gives them an incredible advantage, but not enough to dictate they’ll win.

  • Awesome! Just throw 3x extra chips on the bottom of each unit? Sweet … It would take longer, just from sheer numbers, but it’d be bloodier, and that’d be fun 🙂

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