Axis & Allies Global Design Flaws Part 2

  • My next criticism concerns the map territory values (in general) and (specifically) the starting IPCs of Anzac & Canada. To any reasonably educated student of history it is apparent that the map has some flaws where territory values are concerned. As a glaring example - Borneo worth 4? In WW2 Borneo was nothing but jungle! How is it worth the same as Malaya (Singapore) or Java (Batavia/Djakarta)? How is it that Aus/NZ territories combined total equals 10 yet Canada’s total equals 7? The reality is that, historically, Canada has twice the population of Aus/NZ and Canada certainly has equal (if not more) natural & manufacturing resources. Furthermore, the Canadian army had one of the four beaches assigned ot it on D Day. Canada was used to train thousands of Commonwealth (read British Empire) pilots during the war and, last but by no means least, Canada, during WW2 had the world’s fourth largest navy (after US, Jap & UK)! A more accurate territory value for Canada is 11 and Aus/NZ 6 ( due to population & manufacturing capacity). Canada is not 70% of Aus/NZ, it is more like Aus/NZ is 55% of Canada. This leads into comments about the Starting Positions and Starting Incomes for the UK and the Anzac pieces.
              I suggest the UK Setup pieces listed for Ontario, Quebec and Zone 106 be changed to Anzac pieces to reflect Canadian units. The Canadian forces will move during the Anzac (now termed Canzac) player turn and, as the UK player must have two separate IPC accounts, so too the Canzac player must have two separate IPC accounts. To allow A&A Global afficionadoes to properly incorporate Canada into UK/Anzac Setup necessitates altering the values of the following territories; British Columbia 2, Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba 2, Ontario 3 *include a Minor Industrial Complex, Quebec 3 & New Brunswick/Nova Scotia 1 then New Zealand 2, Victoria 1, New south Wales 2, Queensland 1, Soouth Australia 0, West Australia 0 & Nothern Territory 0. Note that the combined value of Canada & anzac remains the same (17).

  • I think you could just explain this in just one topic.

  • There are several threads in house rules talking about including Canada, heres one:

  • ANZAC would be really boring to play if its IPCs were realistic. And Canada is a part of the board that sees very little action thats why its not worth very much.

  • Anzac, in reality, could only defend itself versus an eventually over-extended Japan pushing south. 6 IPCs will build just enough Inf to survive. I dont recall Anzac invading anywhere except into New Guinea whereas Canada at 11 IPCs could build Inf & Transports to do what it actually did, re-inforce United Kingdom bedises have its own beach & army on D Day. Boring maybe but definitely more realistic to what happened & a mark of a good simulation is to be as realistic as possible. The designers put a Canadian emblem on the board - too bad they didn`t distinguish the Canadian forces that should be on the board (like the Anzac) & possibly provide some control markers, as well.

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