Axis and Allies Enhanced: Anniversary Edition

  • @Cmdr:

    I do have responses from him and NONE OF THE RESPONSES say not to use the “enhanced” tag.  They are all congratulatory and thankful for the hard work put in.  Not a single response contains a critique.

    If you would please forward these emails to me at and I will be satisfied.

    From the looks of one of C_J’s last posts:
    it appears that he was still considering the best way to create an Enhanced rules set for AA50.

    Your forwarded emails with his approval will be enough for me to say that these are a Cousin_Joe endorsed version of AA50e.
    It’s a simple request.

    Looking forwards to those emails.

  • @Cmdr:

    These rules have been accepted just about everywhere at this point.  Players may chose to alter them on their own if they like, house rules are house rules, but so far, these are the only OFFICIAL Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition Enhanced Rules.  No other AA50e rules exist.

    There are plenty of posts here the shows this is not ‘accepted just about everywhere’.

    Original developer (Cousin Joe) of AARe is working on AA50e.

    This is not attacking you, Jennifer, but the name you are stealing.

    Please continue your work; just call it AA50jen.

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    Cousin has not yet informed me he has gone his own route, I suspect his route is exactly what I have here.

    Anyway, just an FYI, my copywrite has been approved so I legally own the name.

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    Ok everybody is now limited to ONE whining post. All who have posted so far have filled their quota.

    Talk about the ideas and not the other stuff.

  • If you’re going to delete my posts, you should delete hers as well–there is absolutely no way that she owns a copyright on that title.  I would think that this site and this hobby deserves better than to let obvious lies stand while deleting the posts of people who point them out.

    I will delete every post that is a whining post. Jennifer is not complaining but basically answering the whiners and its sidetracking the thread.

    You and the other have had way too many posts where you just complain. Look at your total posts and compare them to posts that are not about the whining sound. I could give you more latitude if you have 1,000 posts and you got 5 complaining posts, but your ratio is like 98% complaining posts. enough.

    The owner for Enhanced is here:

    AXIS & ALLIES ENHANCED REALISM RULES …. AXIS & ALLIES ENHANCED REALISM RULES … Internationa Axis and Allies Players Association Link. - 18k - Cached - Similar pages

    Our Axis & Allies Gamers Group welcomes players for face-to-face games in the Washington, D.C. area. Email: - 16k - Cached - Similar pages
    More results from » Axis & Allies Enhanced Realism Rules Part One: R. D. … Axis & Allies Enhanced Realism Rules Part One: RD Baker: Books. - 262k -

    The owner of the other name ( Axis and Allies) you all STEAL is here:

    So if you want to copyright ENHANCED you need to talk to Mr. Baker and if you want to copyright Axis and Allies call AH and pay them off.

    Other than that your basically just making house rules for a game that has been published and NOBODY can claim anything because 100% of all the house rules came from other people who took the rules and called it their own.

  • Anyway, just an FYI, my copywrite has been approved so I legally own the name.

    Hahahaha. Any credibility you might have had just went out the window.

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    Bring it up with the US Copyright office.  They had no qualms since the copyright states:

    “Axis and Allies: Enhanced”

    • Trademark for “Axis and Allies” belongs to Wizards of the Coast

    It was filed online and granted.  I’m still waiting for the USPS to deliver the official certificate (you get one from the copyright office, I’ve had a few things copyrighted, it’s really easy and pretty cheap to be honest.)

    It’s all how you word it.  As long as it is significantly different or you give credit to the original owner for the substantial parts, you are fine.  This is exactly how Gamer’s Paradise was able to copyright their addon packs for Axis and Allies back in the day, as well as others.  The basis was still Axis and Allies, a copyrighted production, but the changes were significant enough and only the changes were copyrighted.

    I could do the same for Forgotten Realms.  If I write a Forgotten Realm’s Book, I can still copyright the book, but I have to list that Forgotten Realms is a trademark owned by whoever owns it.

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    Whew… some bad blood rolling around here. But an FYI, you cannot have sole rights to that exact name… because you do not own the material/trademark it is based on in the first place. Save yourself the $15 and don’t bother copyrighting  what is classified as a “derivative work,” unless there is profit involved (which also entails a contractual agreement with the owner/original creator).  Good stuff though.

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    You like to reopen old wounds that healed over a year ago?

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    No, I’m saving people some cash, time, and a useless gesture (getting a copyright on derivative work).  And I’ve also stated (“Good stuff though”) that the rules are good, I like 'em, I plan on seeing if one of my groups would like to try incorporating a few. If you’re so worried about ‘reopening wounds,’ then why would this thread still be here as it is? Lock it, or delete it (but take the enhancement rules and make them readily available elsewhere first of course).

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    Usually people don’t bring up threads that are about 8+ pages back. I figured the people who were in this thread had decided that they had to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

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