Tank purchases still DEAD

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    And I admit that I am a bit disappointed that nobody either falsified my calculation/conclusion or gives me the credit that I prove AWN to be wrong about tanks 🙂

    Being able to bring 12 additional Infantry, would have been better for odds of victory for Germany.

    But I suppose you are assuming there is only M2 units types available.
    I don’t have Triple A Calc, but is it possible that 3 MechInf with 4 Tanks would have been better for Germany’s success?

    Main things is that skew is always better and in very specific conditions a few Tanks maybe needed.

    Yep, the extra movement is of course a special value, otherwise 9 arty would be the by far most powerful addition to the army 🙂

    And also yes, a mixture could be the optimum.

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