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    Tac Bomber
    A3. Pick target with a return shot
    D3  Pick target
    SBR 1D6 IC. Bases. Refineries. Trains
    Boost Tank +1 on Attack

    From what I read most Tac Bomber was only 7 to 10 % accurate. If Im wrong let me know. So if you had 100 tanks they would only kill 10 on a lot of the big battles. Some even attacked the same damaged tanks. Even though if Tac-dive were that inaccurate you still would give them a pick target just for improvement of piece in game to buy more. Also not a big fan of boosting a fig and a tank. Maybe boost an inf or art +1 on Attack only.
    And swap out 1 or 2 figs for Tac Bombers per country in game setup.

  • @Ozymandiac:


    There is basically no situation where infantry are a better defensive investment than AA when you’re sure they’ll make use of all three shots.

    Disagree, I just ran a typical German assault on Moscow. Giving the Russian +2 infantry gave a better defense than +1 AAA (and I made sure there were enough planes for the AAAs).

    2 infantry are also 20% more expensive, so that’s not surprising.

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    I think statistically buying an AA makes sense in big defense battles involving mass air attack.

    Especially since generally an attackers army is going to be top heavy, i.e. the greater number of hits are coming from the 3’s and 4s’ which an attacker should have many of.  If you can nick a couple those off the top, the attackers odds will be disproportionately hurt than say nicking a few infantry off the bottom.

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    I’m learning how to play Global War now and the AA rules in that game are a bit different, which makes them much more effective. You can also move your AA on combat movement and attack with them. They work the same in that you only get a maximum of 3 shots with each of them on the first round but the odds are slightly better because you attack and defend @3 on a 12 sided die. Additionally, you can tow them with a motorized infantry (trucks) 2 spaces which increases their movement from the normal 1 space. It really makes you think twice about where you’re going to land your planes.

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    In some 300+ G40 games, I’ve never bought a battleship unless the game was already won I could do whatever I wanted.

    I can’t remember the last time I bought a battleship in a game. If I am going to spend 20 IPCs on fleet, I consistently purchase a destroyer and a cruiser – this hits on average more often than a battleship, has the possibility of generating two hits on both attack and defense, and might increase the number of units required to successfully attack my fleet (the math on this one is a bit fuzzy since there are so many variables involved in fleet attacks), and gives me an extra unit that I can detach for a separate mission if necessary.

    On the other hand, I have purchased AA guns occasionally, when I expect the number of planes attacking to exceed the number of AA shots I currently have available and/or when I need to empty the treasury because I know the capital is going to fall. Other than that, AA guns would be my second least purchased unit.

    Tactical bombers are also rare purchases for me, but I do purchase them occasionally (more often than AA guns).


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