G40 BM3 v 4 TripleA tournament

  • Hi to all,
    I am organizing a G40 Balanced Mod 3 version 4 TripleA tournament. Expected start date is May 1st. I will post and update notes here but most of the communication will be on the Axis & Allies facebook page.
    message me or comment on facebook if your interested.

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  • Axis & Allies G40 BM3 Ver 4.1 TripleA tournament
    update 1
    Tournament Director is Jeffrey McKee zarhunter@yahoo.com
    There are 2 Tournament Judges will conduct rules implementaitons during the tournament and make final decisions on rules violations and game disputes and are prohibited from making rulings on their own games.
    Matthew Brom belochai@gmail.com
    Terry Teare tearet@yahoo.com

    The tournament will be Axis & Allies Global 1940 using the TripleA Balanced Mod 3 ver. 4.1.
    Turns will be sent by email to the opposing player, and it is advised to add whose turn was just completed and add the Turn number for easy reference.
    Bids for starting positions are allowed and just need to be confirmed by both players. Suggest a continuous email thread with Turn and Nation to keep easy track of progress. The German player will be responsilbe for starting the game after the two opponents have been notified. The bid will be placed before the first German action.
    Double eliminination but due to the odd number of players participating there could be a player with 2 losses still playing to keep everyone involved, but once you have 2 losses you are not eligible to win the tournament.
    Player assignment will be radmonly determined by the moderator and hopefully there are no byes, the moderator will be exempt from a bye if one is necessary. A judge will be assigned so every player knows who to go to for support.
    Game updates
    I will be using Facebook and sending group emails with updates and standings.
    A win is declared by either victory conditions or resignation and is awarded 1 point, while a loss results in 0 points.
    Losing player is responsible to notify the moderator. This way it’s certain the losing player agrees with the game result.
    Tiebreaker If two or more players end up with the same score, the order is decided by the result of the direct encounter.

    Game rules
    Axis Allies Global 1940 base rules with Balanced Mod 3 rule changes

    Revised Air Raid Rules: Fighters attack and defend at 2.
    Strategic and tactical bombers attack at 1.
    Revised Capital Capture Rules: The capture of a player’s capital results in the plunder of that player’s PUs only the first time the capital is taken. Subsequent recapture of the same capital results in the player’s PUs being destroyed.
    Revised Victory Conditions: If Germany is Allied controlled, an Axis victory in the Pacific requires 7 (rather than 6) Pacific VCs. If Japan is Allied controlled, an Axis victory in Europe requires 9 (rather than 8) Europe VCs.
    Revised Bomber Cost: Strategic bombers now cost 14 PUs, rather than 12.
    New Unit - Marines: Cost 5; Attack at 1 (2 during amphibious assaults); Defend at 2; No bonus from artillery; Can be loaded onto cruisers and battleships (1 to a ship). Note: During amphibious assaults, Battleships and Cruisers may bombard any adjacent territory in which an amphibious assault is occurring, regardless of where they unloaded their marines.
    Updated National Objectives,
    Vichy France is added if certain conditions are met
    TripleA Map:
    World War II Global 1940 Balanced Mod3 Version 4.1
    No technology
    Bid to determine sides
    Bidding to determine sides
    Not required, but normally used to ensure that both teams are satisfied with the side they are playing. The bidding-process follows that one team begins by offering to play a side for a certain amount of IPC, then the other team may accept the bid or offer a counter-bid, which has to be lower. The process continues until one team has accepted the other team’s bid.
    When notified of the start of the game by email from the Moderator, there will be a notice in the subject line of who will start the bidding. The amount bid is the amount of IPC they will start the game with to play that particular side.
    Only one bid-unit in a territory or sea zone,the nation placing a bid-unit must have started with a unit in the territory or sea zone prior to placing the bid
    China is limited to bid-units of infantry.
    Time limits
    There is a 48 hour time-limit per move. This may be negotiated by the players at game start. If there is agreement upon different time-limits, it has to be posted as a prerequisite in the game thread before the actual game is started. If there is a need for a delay or time off due to RL needs, vacation then let you opponent, moderator or Judge know and it will be granted. We are here for Fun, but if it appears that player is stalling then a judgement will have to be made but lets not have that.

    If a turn is not posted within 7 days of either the previous turn post, request for a game decision or the end of a predetermined vacation, then the player failing to post may be disqualified and declared a loss for that game by request of the opposing team.

    The purpose is to reduce the number of game stoppages for opponent decisions. Because you are assuming a decision for your opponent, the opponent must always be given the benefit of the doubt and judges will always decide in this manner.

    When making an assumption, there’s a risk that the opponent will disagree after seeing the turn. If there is an issue with assumption, the players should try and come to an agreement about how to handle it. If there’s no agreement, then the defender can demand that the entire concerned battle(s) will be re-rolled. Alternatively either team may request an judge ruling.

    Order of play
    From page 11 in the rulebook:

    Axis and Allies is played in rounds. A round consists of each power taking a turn. Your power’s turn consists of six phases, which take place in a fixed sequence. When you finish the Collect Income phase, your turn is over. Play then passes to the next power.
    You may edit as needed for non-combat movement or game engine issues IE fighter losses. Any game edits should be explained in the email that is sent to the player for the next turn

    Player’s responsibility
    It is primarily the players’ responsibility to keep themselves informed of the rules. The judges are mainly at hand for help and support.

    Grab your Mouse and click away

    Jeffrey “Zar” McKee

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    Awesome :)

    You can also play BM3 on the new triplea UHD Mega Map :)


  • @zarhunter

    13 players signed up. Could use 1-3 more , starts in couple days

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