• Playing Axis and Allies 1940 Global, I’m finding strategic bombing to be very effective. Even with 5 US and UK fighters in the United Kingdom, the Germans are still able to bomb the UK to oblivion each turn, forcing a spend of ~12 or more each turn to undo the damage enough to increase their forces.
    While at its core, I understand and agree with the effectiveness of the bombing attacks, it is the ineptitude of the defending fighters, the “interceptors”, that seems misaligned with the heroics of the Battle of Britain.

    If I were to house rule that interceptors hit on a 2 or less, instead of just a 1 (with jet fighters at a 3 or less), while escorts and bombers remained a 1, what is the consensus on what that would do to game balance?

    Thanks - Andy

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    Are you familiar with the “Balanced Mod” variant? Fighters escort and intercept at 2.

    It is an acceptable house rule but in my experience, Japan never needs to bomb a factory, Germany doesn’t need to bomb moscow but it can if it can spare the bombers. I don’t see any players bombing London turn-after-turn because UK should(and in this case definitely should) be spending most of its money in persia Iraq egypt.

    The Allies, on the other hand, are the ones bombing factories more consistently. So, depending on your friends’ playstyles, it could be less of a nerf to the Axis than you predict

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    @Andy-Palmer I think originally that was how G 40 did it. 2 to intercept 1 to escort. Bmbr hits at 1 too. I think the problem is Bombers are too expensive. Or the escorts as well. Hitting at 2 instead of 1 is pretty powerful.

    A cheaper, less powerful bomber may work better.

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    @ShadowHAwk yes this would be a pretty decent ratio I’d think. i forget how hits are decided. Obviously interceptors wouldn’t matter but I think escorts and bmbrs are random ? Or is it bmbr players choice ?

    You would probably always lose the ftr over bmbr, although if everything got killed and you needed a ftr for defense later type thing you wouldn’t. If so I’d guess just go 1-3 or 1-6 for ftr the rest bmbr ? Even if you were heavy one way or the other ? Seems as if it’d be too complex otherwise.

    Yea I like that ratio

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    If you go with d12 AA hits on a @1 then figs should get to pick the plane hits.

  • Okay, it sounds reasonable then. As Escorts primary purpose (from a game play perspective) is to take interceptor hits instead of bombers (the ability to shoot down interceptors seems incidental in comparison), I’m inclined to pair it with a rule that escorts can each protect one bomber, but any unprotected bombers take interceptor hits first. This way at least you have a reason for intercepting escorted bombers.

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