German Expeditionary Force (Global or Europe 1940)

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Ever choked that you can’t get that Egypt NO in 1940?

    Came up with this over at HBG, thought I’d post it here for the record!

    German Expeditionary Force

    Any German Units in Northern Italy at the start of I2, become controlled by the Italians. An Italian control marker goes under each independant unit, Up to 6 (Ground?) units can be designated. They move, fight, and defend in complete coordination with the Italian move.

  • Customizer

    A truly interesting concept, with definate advantages.  This concept seems well worth developing.  My only concern is does this make an “Afrika Corps” too easy for the Axis???  What have your game tests revealed?  I believe I still favor making either Italy or Germany make their fight independantly.  I think that “Air Transport” with HBG or FMG cargo planes may offer a better alternative for the “Afrika Corps”.

    “Tall Paul”

  • Customizer

    Air Transport planes will make it so much easier to get that Egypt NO for Germany.  In a number of our games Germany never gets that one because they have no transports in the Med (actually no naval presence period) and too often the Italians are using their transports too much to keep sending troops over from Italy to Africa to keep fighting the Brits and don’t have time to ferry over any Germans.  Plus, if the Brits have fighters about, then it can be dangerous for a German land unit just sitting on an Italian transport waiting to be ferried over to Egypt.  A lot of the time Italy keeps having to replace transports because of British air power and not enough naval protection.

    If Germany had an air transport plane, they could wait until Italy captured Egypt and just fly a couple of guys down there then send the plane back to Germany.

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