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Adding Russia to Pacific 1940

  • Setup

    Place 1 Russian infantry on each Russian territory, place 9 further infantry in any other 3 Russian territories (at least one must be placed in each of 3)

    Political Rules
    Russia has entered in a non-agression treaty with Japan, and will not attack unless the Japanese leave themselves weak.

    Allied forces may not enter Russia while it is neutral.

    In game terms Russia does not play its turn unless:
    a) Japan has attacked them first
    b) Russian forces outnumber a bordering Japanese territory’s forces by more than 4:1

    Game Play
    Untill it has attacked or been attacked, Russia skips its turn, excluding the combat move phase.
    When and if at war with Japan, Russia recieves d6+2 IPCs worth of new units at the end of its turn. (New units are placed in Timguska)
    Russia collects captured territories IPCs, it does not liberate them for China. Russia may not attack China.

    If Japan captures every Russian territory, this counts as a Victory City, for the purpose of victory conditions. Russia may not place new units if it controls no territories

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    I think in order to make it viable you have to also add in the Atomic Bomb, which was dropped to stop the Russians from entering the war hoping that Japan would surrender.

    Somehow it would be a choice to either finish off japan with two bombs, or invade them and allow the Russians to plunder what they can.

    Just having the Soviets in the game and not the A-bomb seems strange; one triggers the other.

  • Doesn’t this addition help the allies more than Japan, since Japan can’t empty Korea or Mancuria and invading Russia will only give Japan 1 IPC territories?

  • The point of it is to help the allies, so japan cant empty manchuria

    When august comes around….you wont be able to empty manchuria or korea, or 6 russians will walk in

    That is what im trying to simulate

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