• Massive Population: The Russians can place 1 free infantry per turn in any originally controlled Russian territory during the Place Units Phase.

    Lend-Lease: As long as there are no Axis ships in sea zones 124, 125, 126, 127, or both sea zones 123 and 119, the Americans may move 1 unit per turn from Eastern United States or Central United States to Archangel per turn.

    Great Patriotic War: When the Axis assault Moscow, all Russian units defend at a +1.

    Partisans: In every occupied Russian territory on the Europe map that does not have an enemy unit on it, roll one die in the Place Units phase of the Soviet Union’s turn. If the roll is a ‘1’, then place 1 Russian infantry in the territory. This territory is now Soviet. However, partisans only defend on a 1, and cannot attack. If the Soviets move a unit into a partisan territory, the partisan becomes a regular infantry.

    Relocation: The Soviets may, during the Noncombat Move phase of any turn that they are at war with Germany, move 1 facility per turn (Naval Bases must remain in coastal territories). Facilities must remain in the territory that they were placed in for a complete turn before they are used. Major Industrial Complexes cannot be moved. Facilities must remain in originally-controlled Soviet territories.

    Novrosibirsik: Novrosibirsik is worth 2 IPCS (to compensate, Soviet Far East is worth 0). If the Axis take Moscow, the Russians can relocate their capital there.

  • '17 '16

    History said it was meant to be Samara, or aka Kuybyshev.

  • Perhaps the Russians should have a choice between the two (as I based Novrosibirsik on the G39 rule)

  • Issue is that if you’re going for historical set up, you need three access points of Lend Lease for USSR with Far East being the least amount and taking in only non combat equipment which I know is impossible to do for AnA so I say the Lend Lease point has to generate income no larger than 2.

    Technically USSR was only moving factories and that was because it was easy to use farming factories to produce tanks, go figure.

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