[Global 1940] Proposed House Rule: Restricted Builds

  • I would like to invite comment on a proposed House Rule. The rule has been proposed after a game in which the British and German forces built over 400 IPCs worth of naval units in Yugoslav and Egyptian Industrial Complexes including 5 Aircraft Carriers and 8 Battleships. The proposed rule is as follows:

    1: Capital ships may only be placed at Major Industrial Complexes.

    The proposed rule seeks to better balance the required abstraction of a casual war game, such as Axis and Allies, with the authentic recreation of war material production.

    This rule is specifically targeting German, British, and ANZAC construction of Aircraft Carriers and Battleships at their captured, hastily built, or extremely new, respectively, Minor Industrial Complexes. The two most expensive and sizable ships in the war were not easy to reliably manufacture which is reflected in the relatively few shipyards which produced them in reality.

    We don’t play tournament rules and use Alpha +3. We already have 1 House Rule in place using the Researcher rule from the 50th Anniversary edition.

    I would appreciate your considered feedback.

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    @nishav Sounds good to me, especially if it makes the game played more in the way everyone wants. There is this rule in the Path to Victory ruleset:
    Capital Ships: Battleships and carriers may only be built from territories that have both factories and harbours.
    So would seem like a lot of players agree it’s a good idea.

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    @nishav Not exactly the same rule as you suggest, but the idea of restricting where capital ships can be produced seems popular.

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    Hi @nishav

    I use Factory Limited from the Redesign Thread. I find them to work well.

    1. “FactoryLimited” Air and Naval Bases now cost 12. All captured and newly constructed Minor Factories may only produce Artillery, AAguns, Armor, Mech Infantry, Mobile Infantry, Marines, Elite and Infantry. If a NB is present you may also build Subs, Transports, Escort Carriers and Destroyers. If an AB is present you may also build Fighters and Tac Bombers.

    ABs are required to build Fighters, Tac Bombers, Bombers and Air Transports. Bombers and Air Transports may only be built in Factories on originally owned Territories that also have an AB. In addition, Bombers and Air Transports may not be built in the following territories: Kwangtung, Egypt, Norway, Alaska, West India and Korea. May not build at an AB with 3 or more damage.

    NBs are required to build all Naval Units. BBs, CVs and CAs may only be built in Territories with originally owned starting Factories. These Territories must also have a NB (Need not be original NB). May not build at a NB with 3 or more damage.

    So similar to what you’ve suggested. Basically the Big Guns can only be built in original major factories.

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